Transformational leader

This paper pursues a study of my past and current situation as a transformational leader in hospitality. Furthermore, I will explain how I intend to become a successful leader in the future. My development through my past and current experiences, my plans to achieve my objectives and some literary research are the base for the development of this paper. Description of the past Through my own experiences in the past and the knowledge I have got in the leadership class I aspire the transformational leader.

In my opinion, the components of the transformational leader are the perfect management style. Nowadays it is more important that the leader empower his staff as trust belongs to one of the most powerful tools a leader can give to the followers. Furthermore I believe that the transformational leader is an extremely human oriented person, he is always in touch with the followers and want that they are in a good mood without problems or conflicts which could influence the job in a negative way. Taking care of others is essential for the transformation leader.

These types of leader see the vision of the company and they know how to transmit such vision to the followers, motivate them through the empowerment and give them power to work on the mission. I appreciated when my leader gave me the opportunity to work for my self or in our team without disturbing us all the time. The result achieved satisfied both the leader and the followers and we knew exactly why. Transforming the whole organization into a work factory is what a good transformational leader can do.

Independence working is a dream for the most followers, this can be achieved through a transformational leader as he emphasises each employee's self confidence. There are many leaders who abuse their staff in order to get self benefits and raise their level of power in the company. The transformational leader, on the contrary, empowers its followers and shows them how use the power for the company's benefits. I always tried to successfully transmit the vision of the organisation to the followers and, at the same time, emphasise the importance of the staff for the hotel be cause without people, no organisation can survive.

I constantly tried to motivate and empower the trainees. This was one of my responsibilities for their internship in the hotel where I worked. In addition, I was the leader for all banqueting and some events in our main restaurant. My goal has started by giving each employee an important duty and generating awareness of the importance of the purpose of the organisation and task outcomes. Through daily meetings in the morning I asked what we were supposed to do and achieve in that particular day. The trainees worked with function sheets carefully prepared by myself, so they had all the further information about their daily and weekly tasks.

As the leader I gave them an idea how it could be done but always asking for better solutions. I wanted them to think and give me their ideas. It was always an interesting experience how these young followers appreciated to have responsibility. Some improved themselves and others just took advantage of the situation of not being controlled. In my case, I knew that I had to be careful but I tried everyday to show the followers that it was for their own development and that each one of them could take the best piece of the cake out.

I needed to analyse their characters, how much they were interested in the job and whether they were willing to learn or do some time pass. Even for those who thought it would be holiday it was a hard duty to change their mentality. The positive result was to see how some employees have changed their vision and attitude towards the company and colleagues. Without any doubt, giving a certain level of responsibility to trainees is always risky. However, they recognised that I gave them a big task to do.

They realized that the risk was now in their hands so they wanted to do the best to satisfy their leader. It is also important that the followers know the leader is available anytime. My office door was always opened for any problems or questions. As I could see, everybody enjoyed and appreciated such attitude. As leader, I was open to hear what they think or feel about their job and matters. Trustworthiness was therefore created and I did my best to keep it at the highest level every and single day of work.