Trade Union Act

The working environment needs to be clean, well arranged to prevent employees from unnecessary injuries, there must be rules and regulations in an organization that deals with machinery, protective clothing must be offered too and there must be an emergency kit to offer first aid services. Any organization must have emergency sensitive. It must have fire detectors and fire extinguishers and an emergency fire exit door (Mara, 2005). Robert Sweeney contributed so much in the Trade Union Act that has different rules. According to the Act, employees are required to organize themselves so as to help trade unions in collective bargaining.

They have the freedom to choose a specific trade union that will represent them. There must be a Labor Relations Board that has members chosen by a Lieutenant Governor in Council. The board members are not expected to serve for more than five years. In case negotiations of bargaining are going on then a member’s term expires, he or she is expected to continue representing the employees until they a valid decision is made. Trade unions have the right to complain if the employees they represent are being subjected to unfair labor practices.

For instance if the wage rate is too low, the board has the right to listen to the employees and know their views. From that, it can take the complaints to the employer. If the employer refuses to adhere to the wants then negotiation processes can begin. If they do not work, then it may lead to the trade union leading the employees to a strike. Moreover, the trade union has the right to protect its employees from use of new technology that can threaten the employment of individuals. It has the right to fight for the security of jobs for the employees it represents.

The trade union movement has a higher influence in changing work strategies. For example, if it is safety regulations, then the trade union can expose a company that is exposing its employees to danger by having poor safety measures (Nelson, 2003). There were fights to ensure good immigrant labor laws by Robert Sweeney. His contribution has seen very many immigrants fighting for their rights in the employment sector. Immigrants faced neglect as there were no unions to protect them. After Robert Sweeney, immigrants can now have a voice and cry out due to the abuse they get in terms of employment.

As discussed previously, he appointed Linda-Chavez to represent immigrants and women in labor. Immigrants have come out and caused a strike when nobody listened to their cries of better employee treatment. Immigrants are segregated by there employers because they consider them as being of a low race. They are normally subjected to low wages and at the same time they are given the hardest jobs. Sometimes they are not paid at all. Most of them are not under any benefits like medical and housing benefits. For this reason, the trade unions can finally represent them so that employers can learn to treat them as all other employees (Nelson, 2003).

Women have gone through a lot of discrimination in the job sector. They have been subjected to unfair rights of employment. For instance they were not given the same wage rates as the male workers. They were subjected to very low wage rates. Furthermore, for them to be promoted was very hard. Women never grew in their profession because of male chauvinism. Robert Sweeney changed this by ensuring that the unions he formed considered women. It was focused in increasing the recognition and fair treatment of women at the work place. It also focused on sexual harassment at the work place.