Toyota Recall Term Project

In 2008 Toyota has launched the largest auto recall in U.S. history after incidents of random acceleration resulting in fatalities, in 2009 Toyota also announced an additional recall of 2.3 million vehicles to correct sticking accelerator pedals. The recall was announced after ABC News informed the company that the latest in a long series of ABC News investigative reports into sudden unexplained acceleration in Toyotas was about to air.

Safety expert Sean Kane tells ABC News that since last fall, when Toyota said it had solved the acceleration problem with proposed changes to gas pedals and a recall of 4.2 million cars with suspect floor-mats, more than 60 new cases of runaway Toyotas have been reported. He believes this latest recall may still not be a complete fix of a problem that continues to be linked with serious accidents and deaths. Refusing to accept the explanation of Toyota and the federal government, hundreds Toyota owners are in rebellion after a series of accidents caused by what they call “runaway cars.”

Safety analysts found an estimated 2000 cases in which owners of Toyota cars including Camry, Prius and Lexus, reported that their cars surged without warning up to speeds of 100 miles per hour. Toyota says the incidents are caused by floor mats becoming stuck under gas pedals, but owners say that’s not what happened to them. “I’m absolutely certain that in my situation, it was not the floor mats,” Elizabeth James told ABC News. She was driving her Toyota Prius outside Denver, when she says it suddenly shot up to 90 miles an hour, even though her foot was on the brake and not the gas pedal.

“I kept going faster and faster,” James said. “And all of a sudden… my foot was pressing on the brake super, super hard and I wasn’t slowing down.” James and some other Toyota owners suspect the accidents have been caused by some kind of glitch in the electronic computer system used in Toyotas that controls the throttle.

Recently Toyota has announced another dramatic formal recall in Japan of its latest-model Prius petrol-electric hybrid, and may do the same in the US and other markets, following complaints about problems with its brakes, people close to the situation said. The announcement comes after recall of more than 8million other Toyota vehicles since November 2009 to fix faulty accelerators and floor mats.

Akio Toyoda, group president, on Friday apologized for the recalls and said that Toyota would decide “as soon as possible” how to fix a problem with the newest Prius involving software that controls the car’s anti-lock braking system. The recall could be extended to other hybrid models.

US safety regulators have launched a probe into the brake problems on the third generation of the world’s best-selling hybrid car. Toyota has sold about 300,000 of the vehicles worldwide since it started sales in Japan in May 2009.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said last week that it had received 124 complaints about the car, including four relating to crashes.

Japanese authorities have directed Toyota to begin an internal investigation after receiving 77 complaints up to the end of 2009. Drivers have complained of feeling a momentary loss of braking power when the car switches from “regenerative” braking – during which the forward momentum created by stopping recharges the battery – to standard hydraulic braking.

The problem appears to occur when the ABS is engaged on bumpy, wet or icy roads. Toyota engineers reprogrammed the ABS software to eliminate the problem last month and implemented the fix at factory level.

A recall would apply to cars on the road that did not receive that upgrade, the company has decided to offer software upgrades at no charge to customers in all markets who bought Priuses before last month, those close to the situation said, but executives are still debating how far to extend the formal recall.

Toyota says the problem is not a safety risk and has resisted labeling it a manufacturing fault, something it would be forced to do in the event of a recall. The company has also been weighing other options, including a customer satisfaction campaign that would fall short of a recall. The 2010 Toyota recall models list affects more than two million vehicles. Here are the models affected by the Toyota recall:

• 2009-2010 RAV4• 2009-2010 Corolla• 2007-2010 Camry• 2010 Highlander

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