Toyota Motor

Company Name: – Toyota Motor CorporationIndustry: – AutomotiveFounded in: – August 28, 1937Founder: – Kiichiro ToyodaKiichiro ToyodaKiichiro ToyodaHeadquarters: – Toyota, Aichi, JapanArea served: – WorldwideProducts: – Automobiles, Commercial Vehicles, Engines and Motorcycles Parent: – Toyota GroupWebsite: –

Sakichi Toyoda was a Japanese inventor and industrialist, Toyoda is referred to as the “King of Japanese Inventors.” Sakichi ToyodaSakichi Toyoda

In 1891, he obtain his first patent for the Toyoda Wooden Hand loom, And in 1924, he invented Type-G Toyoda Automatic loom with Non-stop shuttle Change motion, the first of this kind in the world. In 1929 he sold his rights of Type-G loom to Platt Brothers & Co Ltd, of England at equivalent to 1 million yen. And later Toyoda used these funds to found Toyota Motor Co Ltd.

History of Logo

This was the first logo of Toyoda Company’s when company started business, “Toyota Automatic Loom Works Ltd, where Toyoda is the name of the family that started the business.

Logo In 1936As mentioned above the Toyoda family was into a loom business, In 1936 when Kiichiro Toyoda, Sakichi’s son, decided to start building cars, he needed a name for his new venture. In order to gain publicity, Toyoda held a contest to establish a logo for his new venture. Twenty-seven thousand people took part into the same contest. The winning design consisted of the word “Toyoda” written in Japanese characters, it takes 8 strokes with the theory of the number 8 which bring luck and prosperity for the business behind it.

Logo in 1989

In 1989 the current logo was revealed, the name TOYOTA in red Roman type was used as the logo. The logo as seen today is a compilation of three ellipses, the two intersecting in the middle, making a T shape, are encircled by the third. “The two intersecting ellipses are intended to represent the customer and the product, and the importance of that relationship”.


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