Tourism Industry

Introduction Tourism has become one of the world's main industries; both developing and extremely developed countries are now taking closer look. Tourism give a lot of foreign exchange to the country, it's provides jobs directly in the same field (Tourism Industry) and indirectly in supporting industries for example, agriculture industry, guide to the development of main and important services, for example, roads, airports , and in the same time it's opens the country to the outside world.

Tourism In Oman Oman one of the tourism country, that have all possibilities to make tourism industry one of the major income to the country, all this due to some reasons. In order to take the advantages of tourism co field completely, it's very important to develop it, and to do the same a huge and proper development plane are needed, this is the main role of Ministry of Tourism in the sultanate (Ministry of Tourism 2010).

Oman to be a tourism country there many reasons behind that, the first reason Oman has special and popular destination between the countries because of its natural attractions such as its deserts, mountains, wadis, and beaches. The second reason is it's clean and green.

The third reason is it's nice festivals in Muscat and Salalah, Muscat Festival has different activities for example sports, music, dance, exhibitions, stage performances and children's activities and different participants from different countries around the world. Salalah is the forth reason, because it wonderful place especially in the uotom season, this season is a unique season.

Oman is also popular for its wide range of special tourist activities such as water sports, rock climbing, sand skiing in the desert, walking, cave exploration, bull fighting, dolphin shows, fishing charters and camel races. The country also features hundreds of forts and castles, which are among several cultural landmarks that give the country its unique character and age-old attraction ( Ministry of Information 2010).

Important of tourism for the country due to different and great reasons , tourism industry is the spine of any country's economic position , It provides foreign exchange earning to that particular country, It generates new employment chances to the people, in the other hand tourism raises the living conditions of the nation of that particular country, the infrastructure development is the very important and the main advantage of tourism industry, the Cultural exchange is also possible only through tourism, protection of our heritage also one of these reason that makes tourism important for each county. From other side, important of tourism are very deep in many issues it have influence on tourist's religious viewpoint, Seeing place which is some religious root (Al Shaqsi 2008)

Importance of tourism doesn’t stop in any point it's larger than what we expect, Perhaps the most important reason is the fact of the multiplier effect, which is: How many times money spent by a tourist circulate through the economy of the country. An example for the above could be as follows:

A tourist spends his money in the hotel by dry-cleaning his cloths, eating in the restaurant … etc. This money spent will increase revenues of the dry-cleaner and the restaurant owner, both will spend more on their supplies for their shop and for personal needs, which means that other businesses are going to benefit due to their increased profits by the tourist …and so on. the whole above reasons that shows the importance of tourisum for any devlopment country, it can be sumaraize in three main reasons that tourisum important for the sultanate : 1. the development of the county's infrastructure;

2. attract visitors and to provide them with a memorable visit that will lead to a positive word of mouth and a chance of re-visiting the country again. This also could be thought of from an employment angle, as the infrastructure needs buildings, services, and transportation means and ways, all which means increase in the number of jobs for the locals.

3. Another important factor for the importance of tourism is attracting foreign investors to invest in the country by showing them high potentials and an acceptable infrastructure to their businesses, all of the above which will lead to the increase of country's GDP which means the development of the country as a whole (Ministry of Tourism 2010).

Conclusion Oman a tourism place that attract huge number of visitors that affect different main aspects in the country, in the other hand tourism industry become one of the most important industries in the world. There are lots of reasons behind the important of tourism for the sultanate. Ministry of Tourism participating in all important events related to tourism in the world this effect positively to the devlopment of tourism in Oman and in the other hand it's define Oman in other side of the world so, it will be known by the other countries.

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