Do you think judges should be appointed or elected?

I think judges should be appointed because their position in the justice system are very important in determining criminal and civil cases. It would, however, be better if the society had a hand in selecting judges, but of course, majority of society does not understand the requirements and the standards of competency in being a good lawyer. Most of the time, judges are appointed for their entire life and are appointed by the President. In the Supreme Court itself, the most of the judges serve for decades, yet there are times when the judge is too old and weak to serve their best in court.

Hence I think it is better to shorten the term for a judge, wherein they should not be appointed for the rest of their lives but maybe until 70 years old. There are some cases wherein judges serve until they are physically unable to walk into the courtroom and still this poses some problems because the elderly judge might not be at par with the level of judgment that is need because he has slower reflexes and thinking ability, a feature that comes in during the aging process.

It is well known that the general retirement age is 65 years old, hence an additional 5 years can be added to judges so that they can serve the justice system until they are 70 years old. Should they live longer, such as 80 or 90 years old, they still have the privilege of enjoying their senior years not in the confines of the courtroom and the cases that they have to review will be well treated if another less older judge were assigned to review such case.

I have seen a number of elderly judges who physically look extremely tired because they continue to serve the court system until their dying day.

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