These organizations recruits and cover for terrorist

Renaissance The United States has found out how terrorist groups hide their activities behind charitable, social, and political fronts. These become a big threat for the investigators and had played a crucial role on both parties. The terrorists groups being the beneficiary and the government being blinded by these fronts (Levitt, 2004). These organizations recruits and cover for terrorist. One terrorist group that benefit on this front is the Hizballah (common alternate spellings: Hezbollah, Hizbullah, Hizb’allah) also known as Party of God (Mitchell G. Bard, 2005).

The group was formed in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the year 1982. It’s ideology was based on the teachings of the late Ayatollah Khomeini. In 1983, Hizballah were involved in numerous anti-US terrorist attacks. The U. S. Embassy and the U. S. Marine barracks in Beirut were the targets of the suicide truck bombings. In 1984, the group strikes again and hit the U. S Embassy annex using the same tactics. Another attack of the group was on 1985 in which one U. S. navy soldier was murdered.

This was the hijacking of the TWA flight 847 which brought four of the members of Hizballah on the most wanted terrorists list of the FBI. Another terrorist group that threatens the United States is the Hamas. Hamas also known as Harakat al-Muqawana al-Islamiya or Islamic Resistance Movement was formed in the late 1987. The group used both violent means including terrorism and political means. The terrorist group also benefit from charitable fronts of some government organizations and hide their activities through these organizations.

Here are some of the charities that supports and give funds to Hamas: Commite de Bienfaisance et de Secours aux Palestiniens (CBSP) of France; The Association de Secours Palestinies (ASP) of Switzerland; The Palestinian Relied and Development Fund in the United Kingdom; The Palestinian Association in Austria; and The Sanabil Association for Relief and Development based in Lebanon. This only shows that these charities play a big role regarding the activities of the group. Hamas had intentionally killed hundreds of innocent civilians. The group conducted many terrorist attacks. The U.

S citizens were the one targeted of the group in the early 1990s. Hamas brought its terror during the year 2002 and their attacks has been named as the most deadly Palestinian terrorist attack of the year which killed more than 370 persons. Since mid-90s, Hamas trained and engage itself in suicide attacks and other form of terrorism. The group did four suicide bombings in a 24-hour period on the weekend before the 20th of May 2003. The groups’ terrorist actions aimed at derailing the peace process in the Middle East. A threat against the United States was issued by a leader of the Hamas terrorist group.

It is stated there that if the United States and its allies take action to force Iraq to eliminate its weapons of mass destruction, they will strike them everywhere. The threat was made in a letter released to reporters on February 7th of the year 2003. President Bush pointed out that Hamas is one of the deadliest organizations in the world today and up to now, it calls for the total destruction of Israel and has generally conducted its terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians ("Hamas Threat", 2003). Hamas reduced its major terrorist activities after agreeing to a temporary period of calm in February 2005.

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