The writers explore the theme of justice

Justice is defined in the dictionary as fairness and reasonableness, injustice on the other hand is defined as unfairness and a lack of justice. Justice can take place from an early age early on in childhood, children may not be allowed something and they might think this is unfair; this is an example of justice early on in a child's life. This is the same in adult life but it often varies, people often remember justice more in their later life so it sticks with them.

The two stories I will explore the way in which the writers portray justice are Vendetta by Guy de Maupassant and The Gold Cadillac by Mildred Taylor, both these stories are set in completely different cultures, Vendetta in Corsica, a small island situated in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy and The Gold Cadillac set in 1950's mid-west America in the state of Ohio, both stories are set in different cultures from ours and from one another, America been a rich, powerful country and Corsica been quite a small, poor country at the time.

The three main characters in the story Vendetta are the Widow Saverini, Antoine Saverini the widow's son and the Widow Saverini's dog Semillante, another character who doesn't have a very significant role is Nicolas Ravolati.

The theme of justice is explored in the story; each character can be positioned on the justice – injustice spectrum one way or another, the Widow Saverini is not given justice by anyone after her son is killed, she is required to take the law into her own hands so she can seek the justice she deserves by performing the Vendetta, Saverini's son Antoine is killed while in a quarrel with Nicolas Ravolati, Antoine is not given any justice whatsoever, he is killed and no effort is made by the authorities to prosecute the responsible Ravolati.

In the other story the Gold Cadillac there are several characters, the main ones being the young girl Lois who is telling the story, the girls father Wilbert and his wife Dee, other characters in the story include the young girl's sister, her aunties and uncle and some policemen.

The first example of injustice is at the start of the story, the wife Dee is angry that her husband brought a new car, she is disappointed and upset as she has no input into her husbands buying of the Gold Cadillac, and the next is further on in the story when the father Wilbert is driving the car down south to see his parents in Mississippi, while on the way the father is stopped by two white policemen, they talk down to him as if he is a child and accuse him of stealing the car.

Another good example of injustice taking place is with the young girl Lois, when they return home after travelling in the girl she said to her mum that she was being terribly disagreeable with their father, to this she retorted 'Is this your business? ' To anyone reading the story it may seem that the mother is angry but to a child like Lois she could feel endangered and upset and could feel her mother had no right to unleash her anger out on her child as it is a bit spiteful.

In the first story Vendetta the widow Saverini has had her son killed by Nicolas Ravolati, at first she seems to try to forget about what had happened but she promises her son the Vendetta, she had suffered enough clearly and so, she promises him that she will seek justice for him as he is unfairly killed, she figures that she cannot perform the Vendetta alone so one night after hearing her dog Semillante barking she comes up with an idea, she initially chains the dog up and starves it for as long as four days giving it no food or water.

During the end of the forth day the dog is very agitated and is barking furiously, she makes a dummy and onto this dummies neck she ties a piece of black pudding, following this she sets the dog free who unleashes its rage on the dummy by biting its neck where the pudding is situated. She practised this technique with the dog for several months and gradually the dog had learnt how to attack without the black pudding.

On a Sunday morning she disguises herself as a beggar and travels to Sardinia where Nicolas Ravolati was hiding, she finds Nicolas' house and with the enraged dog she shouts "tear him" and not a second after the dog jumped up at Nicolas, they fought but he was eventually overpowered by the dog. They leave the house and the dog Semillante is rewarded with a black pudding and she slept well that night knowing she had performed the Vendetta and that she had sought justice for herself and her son.