The Way People Act

People tend to react in every situation they may encounter. It is due to the fact that human beings are endowed with feelings and emotions using their minds and their hearts. A person that has no reactions or actions towards a given situation is described as passive and without sensation. Many reasons exist on why people act the way they do. First, a person’s action towards a given situation depends on how things are viewed by him. For instance, when a person believes that a person that backbites another close friend, it is but proper to get even.

So, when that person heard someone backbiting against a close friend, the normal reaction is that the same person would confront the backbiter. For that person, what the backbiter had done is improper and that he or she is also hurt in the situation. Another thing, people act the way that they do because they wanted to express their own selves freely. It is normal for human beings to crave freedom of expression in everything they do. The same reaction is subject to respect and reverence for other people’s rights.

In other words, it is proper to express one’s self as long as there are no other people who would be affected negatively. Moreover, people act the way that they do since part of being a human beings carries with it a natural description of frailty, exposed to pain and sadness as well as tenderness (McNulty 1). There is a particular situation that a man or woman must react if exposed to any pain and sadness due to physical attack, emotional abuse, death of a loved one and other things. Our inner self also reflects our ability to be versatile and resilient in every situation we may encounter.

We act the way that we do because we wanted to protect ourselves from any harm and danger. It is a natural reaction of a person that deserves respect. Finally, whatever may be our actions in the community when it is done fairly and properly, there is nothing to fear. We need to be patient in dealing with other people as they naturally would like to act the way that they do.

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