The Unification of China

1. Where were Legalist doctrines met enthusiastically?The state of Qin.2. Where was the Qin state?Western China.3. Who oversaw the implementation of the Legalist doctrines in the Qin state?

4. What did the Qin state quickly do?

5. What happened to the Qin state in the fourth and third centuries B.C.E?

6. How did Shang Yang encourage farmers to move to the Qin state?

7. Why did the Qin rulers find fewer obstacles to establish centralized control?

8. How did the Qin rulers use their new wealth?

9. What did the Qin rulers do in the third century B.C.E?

10. Who was the First Emperor of China?

11. When did he proclaim himself the First Emperor?

12. When did he reign?

13. What was supposed to happen to the First Emperor’s descendants?

14. How long did the Qin dynasty last?

15. Why did the Qin dynasty come to an end?

16. What tradition did the Qin dynasty leave that later rulers tried to copy?

17. Who controlled the provinces and districts of China on behalf of the First Emperor?

18. What did the First Emperor have built?

19. Who criticized the kind of political control introduced by the First Emperor?

20. How did the First Emperor react to the criticism?

21. What kinds of books were saved from being burned?

22. Why were they saved?

23. What were some of the initiatives begun by the First Emperor to enhance the unity of China?

24. Why did Emperor Qin insist on having the same writing script throughout China?

25. When did Qin Shihuangdi die?

26. What kind of tomb was built for him?

27. What were the positive results of the public works projects initiated by the First Emperor?

28. What was a negative result of those public works projects?

29. What happened in the year after Emperor Qin died?

30. What happened in 207 B.C.E?

31. How did Sima Qian describe Liu Bang?

32. What had Liu Bang done by 206 B.C.E?

33. How long did the Han dynasty last?

34. What happened from 9 to 23 C.E?

35. What kind of rule did Liu Bang try to use in the early days of the Han dynasty?

36. What kind of rule was actually used in the Han dynasty?

37. Why did Liu Bang not rely on his family members to help control China?

38. Who was the Han dynasty’s greatest and most energetic emperor?

39. When was he the emperor?

40. What two policies did the Martial Emperor follow?

41. How did the Martial Emperor finance his government?

42. What problem did Han Wudi face with his large government?

43. How and when was this problem solved?

44. What was the basis for the imperial university’s curriculum?

45. Which countries did Han Wudi invade?

46. What was Han Wudi’s greatest foreign challenge?

47. Who was the most successful leader of the Xiongnu?

48. How did the Han emperors try to build peace with the Xiongnu?

49. When the peace efforts with the Xiongnu did not work, what did Han Wudi do?

50. How far did the Han empire extend?