The supply of goods act 1982

The law basically says that the good must correspond with the description in the catalogue. This is very important when it comes to catalogue shopping. Customers only see a picture of the good and the description plays a grate part in this, if the description is not right there will be a lot of unsatisfied customers not getting what they thought they would get, making our returns figures high. Another part of the law states that the products must be of a satisfactory quality. Argos try to make sure that all goods are of a high quality, they monitor this through a system where they check every product that is delivered to the store, if the product is default and is given to the customer, the customer will come back to the store and complain and this would waste their time so therefore Argos would send back all broken or damaged items back to the warehouse. All products must be fit for purpose

Argos feel that they have to go beyond this and offer 16 day money back guarantee if the customer doesn't like the product, all products must have the original packaging and brought into the store with the receipt. They have to do this because the customer cannot see what they are buying therefore can't make the full decision. Some products have their own warranty, this is done by the manufactures and not by Argos, and some products have a 3 year warranty. Most products have 1 year warranty given by Argos which means that if it breaks within the year of purchase you can bring it back and the company will send it off to get it fixed without any charges to the customer but no replacement will be given at the time, you will have to pick it back up from your chosen store when it get fixed up.

Argos also has a service where you can get extra insurance on certain products and extended guarantees for example on a television. For these services you have to pay an additional price. This gives the customer a chance to make a decision because sometimes people are deterred from buying something because if it breaks within a short period that is a lot of money gone for nothing. Some companies don't offer this additional service that is what makes Argos the leading retailer in catalogue shopping on the high streets.

The consumer protection act 1987 The consumer protection is to help safeguard the consumer from products that do not reach reasonable level of safety. The phrase below is stated in the catalogue "Our quality assurance department ensures that all Argos products are tested, often by independent laboratories" Data protection Some services will require us to hold personal information provided by the customer. We may share our information with selected third parties. Customer may be contacted by us or the third party for marketing purposes by e-mail, telephone or mail. If a customer doesn't want their details shared with other parties they would have to tell the staff when they place their order. This is stated in the catalogue, therefore the customer cannot say that they were not informed that their details were given out without consent and no legal procedures can be made.

Health and safety Argos has a strong policy with jewellery. Earrings can not be brought back at any time they are exempt from the 16 day money back guarantee due to heath and safety reasons. Personalized jewellery can not also be brought back. The Argos card This card allows customers to spread the cost of their shopping on what ever they want. Argos say "The Argos card is the best way to shop at Argos" This service allows the customer to pay of up to 56 days on what ever they have brought, interest free. All customers are told when it comes time for them to pay before they have to pay interest on the credit purchase. You can choose to spread the cost over a longer period at an APR of 25.9% now this is a very good way of Argos making more money off interest and would know that the customer would not be able to pay it back off straight away so Argos will know for example they would have the customer paying interest for 6 months.

This is a good way to monitor what people buy from Argos they can build up customer's profiles and find out better ways in which to improve customer service and what products are the most popular. Argos has a corporate link card (CLC) as well as the Argos card. The CLC can be used to buy any product from the catalogue direct by telephone, fax or even e-mail from your office or home. This is a bit different from the store card because the more you buy the more of a discount that you will receive. All Argos is making, it easier of the customers to pay in the most convenient way that suits the customer.

Appearance Argos is very strict when it comes to appearance, every member of the staff must wear their uniform and their name badge, and they must have a clean appearance if any member of staff comes in looking scruffy, the manager will monitor how many times it happens and the next time their contract comes to update they will check this and if they have a bad record they will not hesitate to get rid of that staff. There is a stand that is situated by the collection point where you can pick up leaflets on new products and additional services that are available. By the same points there is a health and safety notice board, this is where information about default products are kept.

Improvements to customer service A major complaint by customer is that every time a new catalogue comes out that they have to come into the store to collect one, they were saying isn't there any way that the catalogue can be sent to their homes. I recommend that if a customer would like a catalogue delivered they would have to sign up to the Argos card, this is the only available to those customer that spends over a certain amount in the store.

At the movement only the additions catalogues are sent to registered customers. I think they should expand it to normal catalogue, this would increase the telephones sales because people will find it easier to order things because all they need to do is pick up the phone or go on to the internet, the option to collect from the store should be also available to all telephone and internet sales so that the customer doesn't have to always pay for the delivery they can just come and pick it up and a selected date. This is similar to the ring and reserve that has been recently put in place for better customer service. I think that the best thing that Argos has put in place for improvements to the customers service is the ring and reserve and the award winning web site where you have to be online catalogue which anyone can access from anywhere and any time.