The Soviet Union

Many immigrants who passed through Ellis Island have said, "we are leaving the old country behind" by coming to America. Those words were told of the same from the time of old when the Israelites were leaving Egypt to the promised land, with Moses saying, "Remember this day in which you went out of Egypt, out of the house of bondage; for by strength of hand of the Lord brought you out of this place [of sin and bondage]". [1] The Israelites left Egypt just like the immigrants left their home country and came to a new land called America to live.

They both left their "baggage" behind in the old country and had a fresh start. Wherever America in the last 100 or so years spread its influence, it has been for the betterment of the peoples of those societies. For example, America liberated Europe from the tyranny of Nazism and fascism during the 1940's and slowed the spread of Communism. Eventually, America brought Communism to its knees with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Today, America is fighting global terrorism freeing the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan from tyranny and allowing those people to choose their destiny.

America is the greatest country the world has ever known; it has liberated over one billion people since its inception. Today, American immigrants owe all of their wealth and freedom to the founders and framers of the Constitution. However, the sad reality is that we do not hear much praise for the founders. Instead we hear rancor, claiming that they were a bunch of slave-owning, war-mongering lunatics and as such, they brought a Christian culture of dominance which allowed for the oppression of woman, minorities, especially blacks and Hispanics, and other voiceless victims.

Should we be surprised when we see a large body of immigrants not assimilating into the American culture? Ironically, everyone who comes to America is in search of a better life with boundless of opportunities. Ronald Reagan described America, as a beacon of freedom that is set on a hilltop for the entire world to see. He only echoed those words from a famous evangelist from England, John Wycliff who got it from the Bible "You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. " On the contrary of Assimilation or Melting Pot is Multiculturalism that which lacks unanimity within a single culture.

As such, it was argued by Hellenistic Greeks as culture is tied together by blood, language, religion, way of life, were what the Greeks had in common which enabled them to unite against the growing Persian threat. [2] In essence, Multiculturalism can best be summarized with; "a man who will not stand for something is quite likely to fall for almost anything. " [3] Truly America has been and is continuing to be the salt and light for the world, but if America loses its savor and light then can it be that beacon of truth for the rest of the world?

In order for America to be strong and succeed, immigrants must assimilate into the American culture, which includes speaking the same language, accepting the Judeo-Christian western philosophy and abiding laws by supporting our form of Republican government. [4] The notion of the "melting pot" which has made this country great is quickly melting away and it is replaced with multiculturalism. Many of our ways of life have been indirectly supplanted with bilingual substance from road signs to directions on just about anything that is bought one could find Spanish as well as English.

The cost of having Spanish on just about everything is costing taxpayers enormous amounts of money. Even in China which is a strong and dominant force to be reckoned with in the Orient saw it fit to have a common language (which is Mandarin Chinese) in order to compete with the world markets. Furthermore, in 1958 an official language was adopted. To emphasize its importance, Premier Chou En-lai was named author of the book Reform of the Chinese Written Language. The government called on patriots to develop a modern nation by using pin-yin as an introductory script.

The political aim was to enable Beijing Mandarin (Putonghua) to become the single spoken national language – although this has aroused ethnic and regional resentments, but the overall movement has paid high dividends for China. [5] In 2004, China sustained a blistering growth rate of 9. 5% GDP which is 0. 3% increase from the previous year! Moreover their growth rate will swell to an ever-larger increase this year. [6] That is an amazing accomplishment, America only had a fraction of that kind of growth during the aftermath of World War II in which it catapulted America to world dominance.

The question should be asked: how could any country move forward in unison unless it speaks a common language that is coherently understood by the populace? If America implements another language, the question becomes, where does it stop? The obvious answer is America could not possibly compete with the world unless it moves as a single entity that is tied together by a common language. Marxist Mao of China understood that very well and today China was aforementioned is the fastest growing country in the world with industrial growth.

America must educate its children as English being the primary language. Today there is a growing problem with a large segment of society that is not willing to learn the English language. Not only are they immigrants, but a significant portion of those are made up of illegal ones who are supported by foreign lobbyist and domestic lobbying groups. Their numbers grow roughly by one million people who emigrated from Mexico. The untold amount of immigrants from Mexico has inundated the Southwest in such a short period of time that it is hard for them to assimilate into the culture.

This has had a damaging effect in that area. In the 1990's, the number of Mexicans in America swelled to an astonishing rate of 50% for every 21 million, and that does not include the six million Hispanics who refused to register themselves during the time of the censuses. Contrary to the immigrants of old, who said, "we are leaving the old country behind" by coming to America, Mexicans have their mother country just "South of the border". [7] Millions have little desire to learn the English language or to become citizens because they are proud Mexicans.

America is not their home; Mexico is. They come here to work rather than to assimilate. They create Little Mexico in US cities. With their own TV stations, radio, newspapers, movies, and magazines, Mexicans are formulating a separate Hispanic culture within a larger America-almost like a nation within a nation. If our former president Calvin Coolidge were alive today claiming, "America must remain America," he would be escorted out of office and charged with hate crime. [8] Perhaps Samuel P.

Huntington of Harvard College, author of The Clash of Civilizations, argues it best by calling the Mexican migration "the central issue of our time. " [9] Huntington categorizes the traditional immigrants into these two categories: the converts (who assimilate into the Western culture) vs. sojourners (who migrate here to work and not wanting to assimilate and eventually leave). However, immigrants south of the border are not in either class the converts or the sojourners. They move back and fourth between America and Mexico and encourage family and friends to join them. [10]