The Solution to AI

What if weaponized artificial intelligence took control over everything? How do we solve that before it really happens? Artificial Intelligence has been around for some years and it has done a great impact to society all over the world. Artificial intelligence is being used everywhere and at all times to complete tasks and make some life choices for us. The government uses a lot artificial intelligence in military bases and is being used for combact such as drones, tanks, and jets. The solution for artificial intelligence taking over society is to make a law preventing weaponized AI. This law will take some steps, it will stop citizens from using artificial intelligence, it will prevent it from turning artificial intelligence turn against us, and it will prevent trading within other countries. “A bill can take weeks or even months to be pass through Parliament.”

As any law, it will be passed through the U.S government to be passed and be applied to every citizen. “The bill must be agreed to in regular form by both chambers. It should also be given royal assent by the governor-general. It is then known as an Act of Parliament.” Scientist and engineers would most likely start the thought and bring it to the office of the U.S. If they present this idea of the law, it will more likely be passed because scientist test theories and their information is mostly acurrate, and engineers can know if any part of AI engineered can create any kind of problem. “There is critics of U.S soldiers that some of the weaponized artificial intelligence should be curbed or even banned altogether for moral and legal reasons.” The ideas, facts, and critic involved in the military will show the government that it can be risky if we do not keep weaponized AI within the government or destroyed at some point. The government will pass the law through the three braches and make sure its published for humans to understand it and show us how far weoponized artificial intelligence can go if the law is not passed.

If the law was passed it will stop every human being from using AI for any bad intentions. “In the state of california it is illegal to modify engines in some cars because they are being used to drag race in properties that is illegal to race.” This shows that this law can be passed since its illegal to modify engines. If you do not work for the government then you can’t add any gadgets or change the job of what artificial intelligence is intended to do. ‘To trust AI applications, we need to understand how they are programmed and what function will be performed in certain conditions,’ Siau says .People want more power and will try to make things better to get that attention. If they ever do become successful adding gadgets then they can easily get the idea that they can take control. Creating the law will stop people from installing weaponized AI into homes or jobs. Many people want protection for their property but it should be left to the cops to provide hte safetiness. Humans can use AI around places for making threats stay away and it shouldnt be that way.

Artificial intelligence can later be turned against human kind and that is where the law comes into place to stop it. Information from the army says, “An Autonomous weapon is artificial intelligence that is programmed to kill any thread that it was programmed to kill. If autonomous weapons fall in hands of the wrong person, these weapons could easily cause multiple injuries or deaths in a place.” If Artificial intelligence is used out of the U.S government then people can create other artificial intelligence that is bias toward humans. Many people can potentially get killed if humans don’t understand how and what does the law do if its used outside government knowledge. Weaponized AI is becoming better and better and the law will make sure that it is held back from pedestrians all over the United States and other countries. Artificial intelligence can make the human specie think that there is no point of living inthe world where artificial intelligence is making our life decisions that can soon harm us if artificial intelligence is used to make thing easier.

Artificial intelligence is being used all around the world things like vehicles, cell phones, watches, working machines,and military equipment, but if weaponized AI is kept being traded between countries it could cause a problem. This law will make sure that we do not trade with other countries. This will help us on making sure that we dont get into war using our own AI and them taking over the country. As a state we trade material with other countries, but we do it to not end up in war or taking over each other’s country. Trading artificial intelligence can make other countries feel that they now have the same or higher power than us. The law will help so much on the U.S economics. Exchanging is way cheaper than getting materials. This law can stop the trading of weaponized artificial intelligence but it wont stop trading of materials. Businesses can get affected if this law is not presented the right way. “If the price of materials is too low, export activities may not be sufficiently profitable or may actually create a net loss.” The law would really need to be passed if not sooner or later it will affect our economy and cause us to loose any kind of advanced artificial intelligence.

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence can be stopped if it is done the right way. All it takes is to create a law and follow it so we do not end up harming us or our country. Artificial intelligence is advanced but we can still make sure we do not harm anything or cause any kind of problem.

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