The Sex Discrimination Act 1975

This is the law which allows a person to apply for a job of there choice if it suits there needs and qualities and not treated differently because of gender or sex. It allows women to be treated equally in the workplace and have the same rights as a male employee. This helps BettaValue because the employees know that they will not be treated any different from the opposite sex and gives the employees confidence in there management. The Race Relations Act

This legislation applies to when an employee is discriminated because of skin colour or ethnic background and make sure people in the workplace are not prejudice and choose not to interact with them because this in its self is immoral. This can help BettaValue as a whole as they can accept a person and then work better as a team by using there personal qualities. The Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003 This particular legislation applies to that an employee does not become a victim of harassment, discrimination or any physical abuse because they are homosexual, lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual.

This can help BettaValue by improving how they work together as a team and relations between certain people. The Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 This allows that the skin colour, religious beliefs or ethnic background it will not determine weather or not they are offered the job. This can help BettaValue as more people would apply for a job at the store giving them a wide range of skills and qualities to choose from and improve the standard of the companies working progress. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (as amended)

This act applies to an employee who suffers from being handicapped and unable to complete certain tasks and this allows that no matter what the injury may be they must be considered for the position at BettaValue. This can help BettaValue by allowing people of all backgrounds and certain qualities into the company would give them a good public image as the customers would know they do not disgrace because of a certain injury. The Gender Recognition Act 2004 This legislation applies when a transsexual is given the same rights as any other gender just because they have decided that they want to change there gender does not change there rights.

This helps BettaValue by allowing people of any gender to come and work for the company at any position as they are a open minded company. The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 This legislation gives people of all ages the same rights as someone much more experience or much younger. Recently older people have been pushed a side when they apply for a job for certain reasons such as they may not be as agile as a younger person or they could be a liability to the company and it may cost more to keep them as an employee.

This can help BettaValue because they will again gain a good reputation with the public and help keep confidence in there employees that they will not lose there job because of there age. The Employment Rights Act 1996 This regulation gives the employees right to a written contract 2 months within starting there job, maternity leave and the right to choose whether or not they will be working on Sundays and also the courtesy of a two week notice before they leave there position in the work place. This helps BettaValue by allowing there employees a choice and giving them freedom and allowing them to enjoy there work.

The Employment Relations Act 1999 This regulations applies to when the employee has a family emergency or discussions there conditions of there maternity leave and any other key decisions that affect there regular working days. This helps BettaValue because it gives the employee flexibility and gives them a working relationship. The Employment Act 2002 This legislation is where the employee is allowed to balance there home life around work because work takes up a major part of the day and miss out on a number of opportunities to complete tasks at home.

This helps BettaValue because when an employee is not working they can get some to fill in so they are not short staffed and not lose customers and also there employee will trust the company and this is vital to a working relationship. National Minimum Wage Act 1998 This legislation applies to wage issues and a certain amount will be paid for the number of works in which the employee works at the moment the minimum wage is only applied to people over the age of 16-17 regardless of the company of which they work for.

This can help BettaValue as they can employee people of the age of 16 and only pay the minimum wage and still benefits the company as a whole because it will allow the company to expand. Working Time Regulations 1998 This is regards to how long an employee can work during a day and the pay that they will receive from this as the minimum wage applies to per hour. This benefits BettaValue because they can get an employee to work a number of hours for the minimum age whereas for a more experienced employee for less hours so either way they will both benefit.