The Search for Contract Management

Currently, I’m working as a site supervisor at a construction project in the Middle East, Qatar. My employer decided to transfer me to take up a Claims consultant role in a recently started project in Kuwait. Furthermore, this was an opportunity I was looking for as the promotion had a good salary hike to it. But I had one issue that was with my confidence levels as I did not have much theoretical knowledge of Claims, construction law, forms of contract etc. The reason why my employer selected me was that I have had practical knowledge of working in these areas in my current job role in Qatar.

In view of the new job responsibilities in Kuwait, it demanded a thorough knowledge of contract management. However, my new assignment in Kuwait starts in ten months’ time, thus, I have time to find some suitable course to learn Contract Management. But the challenge was I needed to find a quality course which I could complete before I leave for Kuwait. First of all, I decided to look for a course at an institution in Qatar where I could attend classes during the weekends. Hence, I searched online and referred to various newspapers etc., but most of the places I found were large Universities. They mostly had three-year degree programs or master’s degree programs which had contract management as a subject but none of the syllabuses was focused on covering the construction aspects of Contract Management.

I talked to my employer and made him understand my needs, therefore my employer advised me to consult one of his brothers who has done a Similar Contract management course Online. In contrast, I was not very passionate about following an online program as I felt qualifications offered online are not of quality and were looked upon as less recognized. Compared, to the education received at physical universities. For the reason that I was not successful in my research in finding an ideal educational institution, I thought of taking my employers advice and meeting his brother.

Contract Management Online

With all these preceding events, I met the brother my employer over the weekend and I got some useful advice and insights to learning and education. My employers’ brother was currently following an online course in Contract management, from an online course provider called the College of Contract Management United Kingdom. Furthermore, he was proud that he is going to get a UK qualification accredited by various professional bodies, without travelling to the United Kingdom. And most importantly at the fraction of the cost. Also, to my surprise he had planned to complete the course in 9 months, studying while working. Now to me, that sounds too good to be true as a result, I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The College of Contract Management

Then I asked him to give me all the necessary information about this remarkable educational institution. What most significantly, struck me was that all the lectures were conducted live online. I asked in return, how is this possible, I never heard about live online lectures before. To be honest, I’m not an IT savvy person, therefore I was not very much updated about latest technological trends. My employer brother laughed at me and replied, “well you have a lot catch up and this is a good opportunity for you to understand the online revolution of education”.

In like manner, I always wanted to make sure that I understand things first. Therefore, I questioned, “do I need to learn information technology first before taking up this online course”. The reply I got was, “no let me show you the website and how it works”. Apparently, my employers’ brother had his login details, thus he showed me by logging into his Virtual study platform. Then, I realized this is easy since the virtual study platform had a friendly user interface with the tabs clearly visible as to what information is available for click and view.

Again, I was very much impressed on how the online platform worked, plus I was informed that if I were to miss a class session it does not end there. The Study platform had an option to listen to previous lecture recordings, and if any doubts arose, we can contact the lecturer via e-mail. Moreover, this feature becomes even better during the actual Live lecture sessions, as you can ask questions from the lecture or chat with him instantly. My next question, was “can this replicate an actual classroom environment?” The answer I got was “yes it’s a similar experience as many students all around the world will attend the live lecture like you do at the same time”. At this moment, I was convinced about the system of learning and the course provider the College of Contract Management. For this reason, I thanked my employers’ brother for showing an educational path to pursue.


It doesn’t end there, after returning to my room in the evening, I navigated through the website to understand the College better. Only then, I got know that the Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice in Contract Management course is a post-graduate level qualification. Furthermore, this course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Chartered Management Institute, the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors, and the Quantity Surveyor International. Wow, that is a lot of accreditations for one course, even more, this course provided the opportunity to become a direct member of the CIArb.

All this sounds good, but then I realized that I did not have the money to pay in full for the course. Thereafter, ongoing through the course details under the fee area, I noticed that the College offers an easy payment plan. Which was referred to as the Monthly direct debit, this seemed more affordable. With regards to the fees, I wanted to discuss with my employer and check if he could sponsor me. As the total payment in full was discounted than the monthly direct debit, I thought I could talk and convince him, because, at the end of the day, my learning will benefit my employer in the long-term.