The Reason Why People Die From Suicide

The reason why people die from suicide is sadly because a human decided to take their own life and believe that this would be an easier escape than to actually get help or go through whatever the situation may be. People die from suicide everyday, this can be prevented if only there was more resources for people of all gender, race, and age. Suicide should never happen nor be an option for those who are depressed, angry, or sad and if it ever does cross your mind you should really consider looking for help or someone to talk to.

Even the most Successful people that you would think are happy are not. Many important figures have taken their life and it could be anybody going through the same problems we just don’t know it. For example, Robin Williams was a comedian and actor who had a very successful career but something else behind closed doors was happening and he took his own life. That just shows someone can be happy one day and the next take their life.There are many ways to prevent and intervene suicide it’s just a matter of it affecting the person who is not in the right mindset. It’s sad to think that a loved one can really be considering harming themselves but it happens. As a friend, brother or sister of any one no matter the relationship you need to be a human to a human and get help for that person.

The first steps of preventing suicide is to speak up as soon as you see the warning signs. It is common for Suicide to happen in rural areas around the world or even a depressing enviroment added on with weather can cause mental disorder. For instance southern states such as, Knasas, New Jersey, Minnesota all have higher risks of suicidal thoughts. Another example is Washington state for their weather, according to many articles I have recently looked over have stated that the cloudy weather and rain make residents want to take their own life.

Well you may think that their problems aren’t serious enough to warrant suicide what really matters is how serious they perceive them to be. This is something important to themselves in their mind suicide may be a valid option for them.’ You need to listen to what they are saying without offering judgments. When a person attempt suicide this is a necessarily a sign that they want to die. Instead this indicates that they have the feeling of emotional pain but they don’t know how to deal is it. Around these types of times suicide is just escape of a situation ( Schimelpfening). Being able to talk with a friend and make yourself known that it doesn’t bother you for someone going to you for their own troubles is also a good route. Being a good listener doesn’t require any special skill are you have to do is just be patient and excepting but also avoid getting into an argument or try offering simplistic solutions just be there for that person and show that you care.

If they seem to be in danger of hurting themselves do not leave them alone. You can also encourage them to seek a mental health professional. It can also take some patience and persistence but urge them to make an appointment once they have made that appointment continue to maintain contact in order to encourage them to follow through with appointments and treatment plans. Just being with that person is helpful.