The Purpose of Government

The Purpose of Government is to give to “protect their sovereign territory and their citizenry and to provide national defense.” “ (Harrison/Harris, American Federal Government pg. 9)

There are 5 main purposes to the American Federal Government: “to preserve order and stability, to establish and maintain a legal system, provide services, too raise and spend money, and to socialize new generations. “ (Harrison/Harris, American Federal Government pg.9-10)

The marksman behind Order & Stability, being Thomas Hobbes, gives our government some definite guidelines of giving the people rules and regulations employing a more peaceful society. This structure set a functioning course for our country, and continues to allow us a framework to establish laws.

Maintaining a legal system is an efficient institute in enforcing the laws given and established. It is imperative to keeping a mentality of accountability of one’s actions in society. Can you imagine what a country may be like without a legal system?

American government also provides services that sometimes trickle down through state and local governments to provide things like public transportation, and education. Air travel, passport services are another example of services provided.

Raising money and spending money responsibly for the best interest of the people and the circumstantial needs at any appointed time is a monstrous obligation. This money is mostly raised through taxing.

Lastly, the tasks of socializing our young people to healthy and productive minded socialization. It is the government’s duty to perpetuate awareness to upcoming generations of how they may play a role in being involved in their countries overall potency.