The President

The President

Great responsibilities rest upon the shoulders of the United States of America as it is the world’s superpower nation. This being the case, the role of the chief executive – the president – leading this mighty country is inevitably crucial, with power in his hands unprecedented the world over. The president executes policies that effects change not only in the US but in the whole world as well; thus, the traits of the president is just as important as the presidency itself.

The president must possess the qualities of leadership, expertise in management, and acumen in politics. I believe that no one quality mentioned is more important than the others for all of these are equally crucial. The president, first and foremost, is a leader of peoples; thus, mastering the art of leadership is undoubtedly crucial. Being a leader comes with it managing a never ending network of government offices and departments. Thus, possessing expertise in management is unquestionably important. Lastly, without shrewdness in the realm of politics, how can the president lead and manage effectively? Thus, political acumen cannot be discounted as less crucial than leadership and management.

The powers of the president is given by, and authorized under the United States Constitution. Without the American constitution as the basis of the American presidency, the president is as good as nothing. It is under Article II of the United States constitution where the limits and functions of the executive branch – and within it, the presidency – is stipulated, specifically on clause one under the first section.

I agree with what is stipulated in the constitution regarding the roles, and powers accorded to the president. The constitution is there with a greatly significant reason and its value and importance must always be taken into account.

Since all American presidents have entered the office of the president with the same job description, it is the tides of the times that greatly affect the performance of the president. It is under this factor where the president is evaluated against – that is whether or not the president was able to deliver the functions expected of him during his time.