The Police in America

Other duties as per O’Shea and Nicholls explanation include preparations of statistics, analyzing beat and shift configurations, preparing information for community or court presentations from the public and the press. There are three types of criminal analysis and this depends on what they involves some of these types are. Tactical criminal analysis. This is known to deal with immediate criminal offense and it is also known to promise quick response.

They provide information to personnel to help them track and arrest the criminals. The main goal is to identify the crime trend and the pattern. It helps to detect crime and clear cases after apprehension and arrest. The there is the strategic crime analysis. In this one the analyst is concerned with operational strategies to look for solutions to on going problems. Also, it provides allocation for resource allocation purposes and also patrols scheduling and beat configuration.

It provides information on any amused crime activities over some levels and at different times of the seasons; they match demand for services with service delivery for police services so that they can effectively and efficiently do their work and reduce or at sometimes eliminate securing problems and assist in community policing. The last but not the least is the Administrative crime analysis. This unlike the others involves long range projects. Their duties include among others providing geographic, economic and law enforcement information to police management, city council, neighborhood on even the city hall.

It has a legislative financial, political or organizational purpose to the society. (Walker, 2004) Police Research What is the future of police research? Does research do law enforcement any good? If so, what good does it do them? A police research centre was created in 1993 in Texas which is involved in several endeavors. Some of the endeavors on the branches in a police research centre are criminal research, information management and evaluation system abbreviated (CRIMES).

Also a police research centre produces law enforcement management institute law enforcement management and administrative statistics program, and produces bulletins. This is a clear indication that the police research is on the upward move and after sometime, it will be found to prosper as there are more than enough criminal and law enforcement issues that need to be attended to. Research helps the police force in law enforcement in many ways. The technology is highly advancing and this means that new technology may be used by unruly people to do some criminal activities.

This means that research has to be done to ensure that these criminal activities or rather the police are kept at per with any criminal activity that may be happening. Also a research may be required to help to improve the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of a police department. Thus it can be said that research in the police department is essential. (Walker, 2004)

Reference: Walker S. & Katz C. M. (2004), The Police in America: An Introduction, 5th ,McGraw-Hill Publishers