The Peo Code of Ethics Essay

The PEO code of ethics stipulates that one should always act with the publics’ needs however there were many safety considerations overlooked on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that would infringe on the publics needs and rights.

Lack of remote triggers for blowout preventer- Andrea wants to activate the BOP however is stopped by a co-worker as they do not have the authority to do so, but the real issue is that there is only one button to activate the BOP and we see that Mike has to help Mr. Jimmy all the way to the room where this button is. In addition, there was a report 3 month prior to the explosion that the BOP was faulty however BP overlooked this safety consideration which is not in line with the stipulations in the code of ethics.

All companies should create an organizational culture that promotes ethical behavior. The workers on the rig were all too afraid to speak their minds or perform imperative actions because they would be fired, we see this when Jason stands his ground against Donald in the drill shack and Donald says that he will be sure to make a note of the way he was spoken to. This is not in line with good business ethics.

BP should have been ethical in their activities and considered applying the Utilitarian theory which states that what is right is right for the greatest number of people. If BP used this theory, then they would not have ignored the pressure readings because according to the readings it was unsafe to drill and it would threaten the safety of all workers aboard the rig.

Professionalism is the manner of conducting and executing tasks with: Respect for all parties involved- BP showed no respect to the workers on the rig, we see this in the way that they treat the workers and in the decisions they make. Mr. Jimmy gives his professional opinion on the pressure test readings and Donald blatantly ignores him and makes him out to be a fool.

Pay attention and show that you are listening- This is where BP falls short. Donald and other BP managers ignore advice from Jason who is in charge of the drill shack, they ignore Mike’s concerns regarding the broken equipment and they shut down Mr. Jimmy’s opinions on many matters.

Working environment is another important element of professionalism. BP is responsible for striving to create a professional work environment free from prejudice. BP managers do not create this environment as they pre judge the workers on the rig purely because they do not have the same titles. BP sees the workers as inferior and therefore not entitled to an opinion.