The partnership decision

As a corporation, it is also their duty to have moral responsibility towards their employees. Ethics is defined as "the study of moral judgments involved in moral decisions. It is concerned with what is morally right and wrong. " Ethics also focuses on the rightness and wrongness of human behavior. In this case, it shows that society played a major factor in PWC's decision of what is right and wrong. The partners of PWC, consists of mainly males. It is not only Ann Hopkins with interpersonal issues in this case, but also the males involved in the partnership decision.

Society has clouded their judgement of what is the right thing to do. The men involved are stuck in the ice-age era where men are the breadwinners and women's duties are solely domesticated. These men need to deal with the fact that women can excel in what was known as a traditionally men's role. In Kohlberg's Stage Three of moral development states that "good behavior in this stage is living the expectation of those for whom one feels loyalty.. Right action is conformity to what is generally expected in one's role.. Doing what is right is motivated by the need to be seen as a good performer in one's eyes and in the eyes of others.

Given this stage, these men are not showing their loyalty of the company's business ethics. Because they are discriminating Hopkins based on her gender, they are violating PWC's code of ethics. The example of the two partners who withdrew their decisions are not doing what they feel is right, but what others feel is right. They are violating their own moral ethics and the company's code of ethics. In my position, I would review the company's business ethics again. I would also ask myself "would I and the Company feel comfortable from a moral, ethical and legal standpoint?

" If the answer is "yes", then the action is probably aligned with the corporate philosophy. If my answer is "No", then I need to review my actions with an upper manager or with the Company's Law department before proceeding to my final decision. PWC should value communication and "whistle blowing" because it performs a valuable function in maintaining high ethical standards of conduct and will reduce the risk to the company, its employees, directors and stockholders from a conduct that does not meet the Company's expectations.

Following these guidelines will prevent PriceWaterHouse Coopers from a lawsuit which will affect not only their financials, but also their reputation from talented employees who are seeking to join PWC. By allowing sexual discrimination to occur in the workplace, and also with upper management, they are not following the philosophy of legal and ethics.


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