The Ontario Environment Assessment Act

The Ontario Environment Assessment Act can be a good reference since the act will be providing for the protection and conservation of the environment. The process involves the public and the private proponents who will build large infrastructures unless there is a designation. But, the public may request that a proposed project be designated to the requirements of the EAA especially if there will post an environmental effect. Complex projects that impose great environmental impact will be tackled under the Individual EA process.

The proponent must first prepare terms of reference, if the reference is approved, EA will then be conducted. It must be noted though that the preparations must be consulted to the public. EBR is applicable to the scenario since one of the said act’s key provisions is the establishment of environmental rights. The group should know that there is the right to request investigation on something that causes significant environmental harm, the harm should be lasting and so for the case of the dam, it affected the habitat of nesting birds for two years already.