The New Passat

Volkswagen Group Sales India Private limited Produced in India Subject to change wilhout notice Issue: March 2011

The New Passa

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Unmatched luxury.


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New Passat- First Look Contemporary Styling Step Inside Safety BlueMotion Technologies The Engine/Technology Service

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•  What if luxury became part of standard equipment?

Elegant rear view mirrors: Deftly designed, the rear view mirrors fit in perfectly with the overall subtlety. Functionally too, these foldable mirrors rise to the highest expectationelectrically adjustable; integrated turn indicators; an auto-dimming ability that effectively tones down the bright reflection of headlights from tailing vehicles.

Chances are, you won’t feel like stepping out again.

You’ve probably never been this pampered. Cancel probably.


Unique climate seats: Comfort should be customisable. Which is why, the front seats hove built-in, fully adjustable, active air-conditioning that circulate warm or cool air directly to the persons occupying them, further enhancing individualised comfort. Add to that, the 12-way adjustable front seats with driver-seat memory, specifically designed to offer lumbar support regardless of build and size. The head restraints offer both vertical and horizontal adjustment options, always ensuring the best possible spinel position.

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