The Missionary Congregation

The Missionary Congregation Pie Madri della Nigrizia of Verona, Italy, established University of Asmara on December 20, 1958. The University started its work at the building of the Instituito Santa Famiglia, now, the building of college of Business and Economics of University of Asmara with 10 girls and two instructors. The courses were offered in Italian according to the established plan of the Italian University, with a view to preparing students for the final year of study in an Italian University to earn the "LAUREA''.

By the year 1965, it was found essential that University of Asmara award its own degrees and on July 17, 1968, it was granted a Charter and financial assistance by the Ethiopian Government. In 1975, it adopted English as the sole medium of instruction. After 16 years, the University striving to address itself to the challenges facing higher institution, it was dismantled by the Ethiopian Government (Derg). University of Asmara was re-established in August 1991 after the Eritrean liberation and granted a Charter by the Provisional government of Eritrea, guaranteeing its autonomy and academic freedom.

Strategic Management refers to the managerial process of forming a strategic vision, setting objectives, crafting a strategy, implementing and executing the strategy, and then overtime imitating what ever corrective adjustments in the vision, objectives, strategy, and execution are deemed appropriate. Strategy: A company's strategy is the game management is using to take out a market position, conduct its operation, attract and please customers, complete successfully, and achieve organisational objectives.

A strategy thus entails managerial choice among alternatives and signal organisational commitment to specific markets, competitive approaches, and ways of operating. The mission of the University is the discovery, generation and dissemination of knowledge in the service of society. In fulfilling this mission, the University of Asmara aspires to become a national centre of higher learning and scientific inquiry, a genuine seat of freedom, tolerance and culture, and a powerful catalyst for change and social progress.

As an integral part of the Eritrean community, it will always endeavour to serve the needs of society, strive to address itself to the challenges facing our people and contribute to the solution of the problems afflicting our country. According Grant, succesful strategies typicaly consist of four key ingredients3. We examine the strategies accordingly. Directed Towards Unambiguous long Term Goals. Given the present conditions of the University the vision outlined aims at achieving a measure of self sufficiency in much of higher education and possibly even attaining the ability to exert influence in our region over the next 10-15 years.

Based on Insightful Understanding of the External Environment. As a result of the long war, Eritrea remained back from the rest of the world. To be able step with the world, the linkage model is used as a door for development and exchange of knowledge. According to the Eritrean Macro Policy Tertiary Education will be expanded selectively to meet the envisaged manpower requirements of the country for diversified skill acquisition. This will be supplemented by utilizing training opportunities afforded by the international community.

(3. 1) Based on Intimate Self- Knowlege By The Organization or Individual of Internal Capabilities. A linkage is also made locally with various sectors. The main objective of the University is, to contribute to national reconstruction and economic development, by training people who have the requisite competence that serve national development. University must solve the sector's human resource need, and in turn to be able to prepare for it. Implemented With Resolution, C0-Ordination, & Effective Harnessing of The Capabilities &

Commitment of all Members of the Organization. Strategy unless implemented in co-ordination with the capabilities of the members, it risks of strategic drift4. University's strategy is very insightfull, long visioned and not easily reversible. However, strategic implementation requires managing strategic change and culture, and also in the organizations. As per the objectives, and mission statements, the university is encouraging the colleges to raise fund for their respective dept.

through the co-ordination of the Consultancy, Training, Testing Centre (CTTC) of the University, the staff members of the different colleges are envolved in the request, which comes to the office. Incomes raised-through such services are allocated among – The CTTC, the respective faculty and department, the involved members. Hence, while they are raising fund, they are also Reserving fund to their respective college for future financial needs.