The Military is For Men

Around the world America is known as the land of equal opportunity, in some cases at least. The U. S. military is the armed forces of our country, which has been traditionally a man’s line of work until recently. Many positions in the military are restricted so women are not able to work them. Expectations of equality in one of the most patriotic systems in our country may be too high for women. This investigation will look into if women should even consider joining the military in general. Many women join the military because they have pride for our country and want to .

However, men believe they still run the program and women are unfit for the military like men are. This is somewhat untrue. Women may have the physical and emotional stability to be in the military, but they can not change their gender to fit in. This is why they should leave it up to the men to fight for our country. The military has been a very controversial topic between many Americans for decades. After having a dispute with a professor of mine about women’s physical abilities to be in the military it made me wonder. I believe women have the physical ability to serve, but I was curious if sexual harassment is such a problem that women should consider other jobs.

Today, many military officers and generals do not get prosecuted due to the Military Chain of Command (Newton). Many people have the same belief that I do. We believe that the military is not suited for women. Only 14. 6% of the military is made up of women (Mackenzie). Duncan Hunter, former chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, and Rick Santorum, former senator, argue that women disturb the units’ cohesion and battle preparation (Mackenzie). While some may believe they are not physically fit for the military, I believe that men discriminate against gender, and it is unfair for women to not be appreciated for their contribution.

Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair plead guilty to having an affair with a captain under his command and having inappropriate relationships with three other junior soldiers (Mulrine). The judge, an army colonel, dropped sexual assault charges, supposedly there was questions about unreliability in the victim’s testimony and undue command influence, causing validity in the judicial process (Mulrine). The consequences that Sinclair had to pay were considered light. After a twenty-thousand dollar fine, Sinclair had no jail time (Mulrine).

Out of 26,000 cases of unwanted sexual contact, only 3,000 were reported and 302 were prosecuted stated Kirsten Gillibrand (Newton). Gillibrand promotes to put sexual assault cases to give independent lawyers the right to investigate them instead of the military chain of command (Newton). If sexual assault cases are given to independent attorneys then these cases will become less common, because once more military men are being prosecuted, more military men will realize they can not get away with it anymore. Sexual harassment is not the only issue women face in the military. Women are often discriminated against due to their gender. The New York Times printed a story showing women flexing their muscle in the U. S.

Senate because twenty of them currently serve in that deliberative body (Rothkopf). This was a celebration due to progression for America’s unsatisfactory past (Rothkopf). Women are still very underrepresented, and if they were truly represented they would have about three times the amount of seats (Rothkopf). Like the U. S. Senate, the U. S. Military lacks equal representation of women as well. The military still officially bans women from serving in direct combat positions (Mackenzie). Women are just as physically fit for the job as men, but men have the advantage in some cases. For instance, when a family member is killed,

soldiers are given the option to return to the war zone or reassignment to noncombat positions (Job). After Charity and Rachel Witmer lost their sister, Michelle, in combat they decided not to return, because they did not want to put their soldiers in danger because they are grieving (Job). Due to choices that are made like this, women are expressed to be emotionally weaker than men. This may be caused by the women being inexperienced in the military. The military was originally a place only men could work.

This caused men who attended military academies to have traditional views of women’s roles, and this especially distorted the views of women being able to serve as successful military leaders (Perishing). On the other hand, women have a more modern look on gender role views. This creates conflicts due to the roles available to men and women due to equality in the military (Perishing). Race might have been an issue in the past, but women did not particularly exist in the military in the past (Perishing). Racial and gender disagreements might have seemed similar, but they have been handled completely different. Men are not taking it as well due to the women’s experience in the military that was limited to noncombat jobs, such as nurses (Perishing).

Although, some men may be more suited for the military than, in some people’s eyes, all men should serve and no women should serve. This is what is causing conflicts between between men and women who are serving. The military is one of the most important bodies in America. Regulating the cohesion of their system should be a top priority. If there are no disputes between men and women then this will make the working place more peaceful.

We need the country’s defense system to run as smoothly as possible in all cases. On the other hand, some people feel that women should have the same rights as men do. Jeanne Holm, one of the first women to join the Army Auxiliary Corp, stated “I was out to tear down the artificial barriers,” she said. “Every time you open a door, there are women who will walk through it and succeed. There will be a few who will try to walk through and fail. We have to be willing to accept that failure” (Yeager). Pushing this barrier will help destroy gender stereotypes and bring equal rights to the military.

The military is a very biased place for genders. If the military was going to accept women, you would think they would have changed the “unisex” uniforms to fit women after roughly seventy years of serving (Yeager). The military is not a place to fight civil rights. The military is one of the most important systems in the nation. Fighting women’s rights will only weaken the country as a whole. If men are willing to die for our country instead of women, women should respect their courteous gestures and willingly accept the offer. After I have completed all of the research and I have identified all of my sources, the main issues of my argumentative research essay will be explained. The main issues include sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and emotional immaturity.