The Mafia: An Analysis of an Organized Group

An organized group that performs crimes against society are those that carry with them disaster and danger. Their main purpose is to gain money and power enough to terrorize and extort from the public. Normally, an organized crime is done in secret those that are carried behind doors of unimaginable devilish acts. The exact description for a layman’s understanding is that an organized crime is to gain money through horrible and illegal acts leading to destruction of a peaceful society.

The evolution of an organized crime is not possible without the intelligent works of its leaders and the usefulness of technologically-updated arms and ammunitions. Aside from that, influence from those that run the reign of society also matters like government leaders who are weak enough to resist evil deeds. There had been many people who were victims of organized crimes and yet justice was never served to the fullest. For those who are not aware of the famous organized crime in history, this paper is a simple yet analytical presentation for that matter.

The Mafia: An Analysis of an Organized Group The other name for Mafia is Cosa Nostra which is known as a Sicilian organized group of criminals that first developed in the middle of 19th century. The Italian diasporas was the culmination of the Mafia’s reign in secret terror of which only the targeted victims could experience. Even though the said secret organized was made at Sicily, it managed to operate in other regions like the North America. The first thing to remember about the mafia is that it works on a specific territory with proper timing and planning. It never strikes without a plan.

The Mafia is a particular organized secret criminal band that is active not only in various illegal acts but also it tends to perform sovereign powers that belong to public authorities. Technically, this is a very rare situation as we know that public officials are supposed to be accountable to the public, yet the power of money and influence emerge as the primary factor that makes the organization work. The existence of bandits and murder made the Mafia exist during the 19th century. The roots of the Mafia are also feudal in nature like that of nobility (“The Mafia”).

The secret organization was born due to the social condition of Sicily wherein corruption and poverty is looming around the area. The term Mafia was also confused for so many meanings until it was confirmed that it pertains to the organized crime itself. The problem started when caretakers of feudal properties in Sicily bought the lands of the landlords and oppressed the poor working tenants of Sicily. There is a need to mediate between the caretakers and the poor working tenants that the local intermediaries came into view.

These local intermediaries do not actually murder any person but used to delegate the job to their hired killers. As such, the legend about the “man of honor” or Mafioso in Sicily started to exist. The Best of Sicily Website (2008) reported that: “Various clans in Sicily and their obvious dislike for enforcement of the law and a suppressive hereditary aristocracy provided a climate favorable for the Mafia. ” (1) This social condition of Sicily had made the secret organization manage to increase its power and continue oppressing the people.