The legalization of drugs

The argument for the legalization of drugs is that with the end of prohibition of alcohol it also ended the “potency” affect. This means that if drugs like cocaine were legalized that there would less people who were to over do it or overdose on them. Overall in an article by Meaghan Cussen and Walter Block the fact that when drugs like cocaine are hard to find people often turn to harder more dangerous drugs in order to get their highs and that if these drugs were legalized it would reduce the likelihood that people would turn to these harder and more dangerous drugs.

Some of the health benefits that were listed in this article is that with the regulation and legalization of drugs like cocaine there would be safer more pure drugs on the market and there would be less chances of getting a batch of “bad” drugs that could cause some severe health problems. This that “poor quality drugs would be a thing of the past” (Cussen and Block 3). Szasz believes that there are more benefits to the legalization of many different drugs rather than the prohibition. He fights for the constitutional right to be able to use all drugs.

There are many reasons that he believes that there should be legalized drugs. He stated in the article that he believed that the government has no right to be able to limit the use of any drugs in their culture. He believes that the only time that drugs should be limited is if they are causing there to be some type of harm to others in some way. This author has many beliefs that are shared by a large portion of the population who believe that it should be an individual’s choice as to whether or they are to be able to use drugs. This choice should be given as part of the constitutional rights.

He also believes that anyone should be able to prescribe their own medications and that people would be able to manage their own health and get all that they needed on their own without the intervention of MDs. His belief is one that could cause an uprising in much of the population especially those who work in the medical field as there would no longer be a need to go to a MD unless someone was unable to treat an ailment on their own. However some of these beliefs could work in the benefit of the general public and could cause there to be a lowering in the current economic health care crisis.

In conclusion there are many reasons that the legalization of cocaine would be a good idea. The legalization of cocaine would be something that could benefit the people who are citizens in the United States. In this aspect there could be tax revenues that could be used for many great things and that there could also be more room in prisons for those who really need to be there. These two benefits alone would be enough to convince some that the legalization of cocaine is a great idea.

However for those who are more skeptical there is the reason in that allowing the federal government to tell one that they are not allowed to partake in the use of drugs because they are bad for them opens up the federal government to having power in many areas where they did not previously have power. References Cussen, Meaghan and Walter Block. “Legalize Drugs Now,” American Journal of Economics and Sociology, July 2000. Trevino, Robert A. and Alan J. Richard. “Attitudes Toward Drug Legalization Among Drug Users,” The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, vol. 28, issue 1, 2002.