The Justice System Along Gender Lines 

Nowadays, we live in a society where women are generally favored in the judicial system making them less likely to be imprisoned. The justice system and people apart of it have claimed to treat men and women equally when it comes to sentencing them for the crimes they have committed. Because men have had a role in society to be stronger, they are usually sentenced by the book and go to prison for a long period of time depending on the crimes they have committed. Due to rulings men get, women are less likely to get large sentencing or any sentencing at making the number of women in prisons stay the same or decrease. Along with the sentencing times, women commonly have an advantage over men when it comes to custody battles, the way they are treated while imprisoned, and how likely they are to get arrested when having done something.

The justice system consists of a set of agencies and processes established by governments to control crime and impose penalties on those who violate the laws (“The Criminal Justice System,” n.d.). In order for a judge to sentence a person, they often have to follow a certain guideline to see how long or what their punishment may include. Many judges have gone by whether a female has a family or simply by the number of times they have been arrested or appeared in court. The justice system takes certain steps when figuring out the sentencing for individuals but the steps taken for men and women vary due to their gender and their assigned judge making it unfair for the men who committed the same crime.

Cʀɪᴍᴇ ʀᴀᴛᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴇɴᴛᴇɴᴄɪɴɢ

Homicide of children. Men and women highly differ when it comes to the types of crimes they have committed but there are cases in which they both commit the same crime yet are treated differently when in court. Typically, men are seen on the news committing what one believes women would never do but in reality, woman have also committed these same crimes but aren’t as acknowledged as men. When women are acknowledged for their crimes, they are never sentenced as equally as man would because of the sympathy given towards them. There have been recent cases on homicides which young children are involved, both cases are slightly similar but one big difference is the amount of time these individuals have gotten in prison. On September 2017, Matthew Daniel Graves repeatedly beat his month old son because his son was crying non stop. Although Graves pleaded guilty to all of it, he was charged with aggravated murder, a first degree felony, and potential capital offense sentenced to 25 years and up to life in prison for his actions (Knox, 21 Feb. 2019).

People have debated over this topic stating he deserved this amount of sentencing for what he did because after all the child was a newborn and was no harm to Graves one bit. Panna Krom was only seventeen years old when she gave birth in her parents apartment bathroom, drowning her newborn, and hiding it in her bedroom closet. Krom was sentenced to only eighteen years and nine months but only served nine years and eight months in total (Owens, 30 Sept. 2016). Between the two court cases, both crimes caused disastrouses towards the newborn that never got to live their lives. So, why is is it that Graves was sentenced up to life in prison but Krom only for eighteen years but being able to be released earlier? The answer is still unclear but many claim that since it was a mother killing her own newborn she wasn’t sure of what to do at the moment because of her age, the circumstances that went with her being pregnant, and claiming she was caught up in the moment. Since Graves was a male in the case for killing his newborn, people around him accused him of having no feeling and saw him as a monster for what he did but like Knom, he was caught up in the moment a new father who didn’t know how to handle the situation correctly.

The cases were handled in different way due to the sympathy that was giving to Knom and her family but leaving Graves to face a crueler plead in his case. The two made decisions that would negatively impact their lives but the sentencing times of each crime is on a different scale on gender inequality in the justice system and in the way they are treated. Drug Trafficking. Drug trafficking has been a main problem in Mexico which has expanded out into the world and mainly into the United States.