The issue of prostitution is not a simple one to solve

The issue of prostitution is not a simple one to solve. Many people have put in their two cents as to whether it should or shouldn't be legalized or decriminalized. Legalization of prostitution is to mean that the laws can and shall regulate the act of soliciting or engaging in the exchange of money for sexual pleasure. Decriminalizing prostitution is to reduce or remove criminal classification; that is that it is no longer illegal to conduct in that behavior. The issue has many factors that should be taken under consideration in order to arrive at an agreeable understanding.

For those who say yes to legalization, many points brought up are the civil rights of prostitution, prostitution and feminism (a women's right), reduction of prostitution due to legalization, regulation and resolving court problems. Others however, feel that decriminalization is the way to go in solving this social issue. I in the other hand, personally view prostitution as a horrible act and wished it stayed illegal, but would support some form of legalized regulation. For the most part I agree with legalizing for the fact that decriminalizing prostitution, in my opinion is an irresponsible way of solving the problem.

It is simply giving up, worse than ignoring the problem and allows for more abuse that stem from prostitution to occur. The government should not have the arms of the law interfering with personal affairs of consenting adults, who agree to conduct in such private sexual acts. Some argue that our individual rights of pursuit of happiness are being violated. This violation of our democratic rights should not be allowed, yet no one has dared to draft a new language in the law.

Yes, religion and morality have a lot to do with the way politicians view this issue and rightfully so. The U. S. is a nation founded under God. Although the government cannot uphold an official religion, many officials arrive at their decisions with the guidance of religion. As Jacqueline Boles states, "the criminal justice system is not the arena for adjudicating conflicting belief systems"1 (13). Our society is changing and our laws should reflect these changes. In respect to feminism, there exist inconsistencies as to the behavior we assign to people.

When a man or women decides to seduce a person with gifts, nothing is thought about whether the act is a criminal one and the other romantic. Neither is it considered criminal when they are promiscuous. It is also a women's right to choose what to do with their bodies. Our laws have to remain consistent with what the constitution upholds as our right to privacy. As for legalizing prostitution in the hopes that it would reduce utilization, due to price increase stemming from the government constraints, I don't buy it and really don't care about it.

People will find the way to conduct in this behavior and if it's strictly enforced, many will not take the chance of doing this type of business. It will then result to in the same acts as before of pimps and streetwalkers. If prostitution is regulated as a business, I think we can correct or alleviate the many dilemmas associated with this practice. The abuse, use of or trafficking drugs, criminal acts and diseases can be taken care of or controlled in a suitable manner.

If we allow the business to operate in the manner taxis operate, such as being registered, having a license, having weekly check ups and such, it will become cleaner. Yes prostitution is in many ways dehumanizing, but it is not slavery (as long as the women & men are willfully participating in it) and if you can reform the behavior into a business like operation it can better service our society than what it has in the past. It is my belief that society may never come to grips with allowing prostitution to be legal. There are things in our society that we do not like.

But if the adult industry can be allowed to film what should be private sexual behavior and sell it as products, and yet can operate in a professional manner, then I have faith a reform on prostitution can work. In my mind you either allow these acts to be supported by the government or you don't, and the adult industry has an economic impact that we gain from. As far as payment of taxes to the IRS, it's understandable that some citizens would rather want to maximize their earning by working of the books. Therefore, we should emphasize or propagate the care packages that companies can give.

Such as health benefits, vacations, 401K's and whatever other amenities that are given. Prostitution has always and is considered the oldest form of business, we can't ignore the act. We should try our best to improve the situation. If we can separate our religious ideals and the morality issues from what is a reality or, a form of life for others, I think we can better suit society and those who perform in this act. 1 Boles, Jacqueline. In (13), Fuller, John R. , & Hickey, Eric W. Controversial Issues in Criminology (1999) Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon