The Industrial Revolution Children Labour Paper Example

Prior to the 1850s farmers were into agriculture until they moved to the urban cities for the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain. During the industrial Revolution there was some positive and negative effects that impacted on people’s lives. During the industrial revolution there were machines, factories, mills, and mines being used with made work a lot easier. Some negative effects of the industrial revolution are that children who worked couldn’t attend school, didn’t have a childhood and risked their lives.

In 1832, William Cooper’s testimony to the Sadler Committee states he started working “When I was ten years of age.” William Cooper started working at a very young age which is when children attended school for an education but instead he had work. Also William Cooper Explains “We began at five in the morning and stopped at nine in the night.” William couldn’t go out with his friends because he didn’t have time. Joseph Hebergam’s testimony to the Sadler Committee explains how many children have died while he worked. Joseph ellaborates “There were about a dozen died during the two years and a half that I was there.”

Many children have died at a very young age by just working in the factories. As of negative effects to the industrial revolution there were also many positive effects. Children weren’t often beaten, they were always in cheerful matter, and they enjoyed being in the factories rather then being home. In 1835, The Philosophy of Manufactures by Andrew Ure states “I never saw a single instance of corporal chastisement inflicted on a child.” Children either didn’t get beaten in public or didn’t get beaten at all. Andrew also explains that children “seemed to be always cheerful and alert,…” Children enjoyed their work while being observent.

Finally Andrew explains that “children would thrive better when employed in our modern factories, than if left at home in apartments too often ill-aired, damp, and cold. Most children enjoyed being in the factories than being home. In conclusion the industrial revolution overall was a success. I think humans should of waited on the technology though. Ever since they started with the technology the world started messing up. The future is going to be more mest up because of the worlds pollution. All the factories and trucks pollute the air. Global warming is also a cause from the new technology. I don’t think