The Highest ‘Prisoner Cost’

The data shows that California is the state with the highest ‘prisoner cost’ in the United States. By 2018, the state’s cost of imprisoning every prisoner will reach a record $75,560, which is higher than Harvard’s one-year tuition. Due to the overcrowding of prisons in the territory, the general prisoners who enter the cell now can only be released after serving a 10% sentence (excluding sexual crimes and violent offenders). In the past seven years, wanderers have increased by 75% each year, many of whom have mental illnesses. However, these people did not receive effective assistance.

Once they sinned, they were sent to prison. About one-third of the prisoners in prison now have mental problems. However, prisons are not mental health treatment centers where they do not have access to effective mental health care. In addition, a large number of mental patients flooded into prisons, resulting in a decline in prison capacity.

The prisoners who could have shut down two people could only hold one mentally ill prisoner. More prisoners had to be released and only had to go to jail for ten days. A large number of prisoners were released and became a wanderer due to housing problems. Los Angeles, which has been in the spring of all seasons, has become a paradise for homeless people. Los Angeles is not only the city of angels, but also the famous ‘Wanderer’s Capital’. This problem has become more and more serious over the past two years. The main reason for homelessness, whether it is Asian or other ethnic groups, is that it is unable to afford housing due to economic difficulties.

High housing prices are a serious threat to the economy of Los Angeles and the quality of life of residents. The issue of renting has become a major topic of debate in state legislatures and local councils. The gap between the rich and the poor has widened, and the number of homeless people in Los Angeles has soared. With the economic development, the rich people around the world have focused on this dream city, and there are more and more wealthy people in the rental market, and house prices have soared. In the capital game triggered by real estate, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the middle class slowly disappears, the urban housing cost growth rate is much higher than the civilian income growth rate, more and more people have to choose to sleep on the streets because of economic difficulties.

The middle class of the former poor settlements broke up the homeless and cut off the links. Due to the lack of family and social support, many people with mental illness have also been wandering on the streets for a long time. The sense of incomprehension in the fixed place has further deepened many mental illnesses, further causing social security problems and forming a vicious circle. The problem of the wanderer is not only the wanderer itself, but also the public health crisis in the community. The lack of basic sanitation poses a great danger to the community and there is now a special tuberculosis virus spreading in the community.

There are also young people who come to California from all over the world for the pursuit of star dreams or for the pursuit of free and open life. They are also forced to wander because of economic difficulties. Therefore, even now many prisoners go to jail after committing crimes. This series formed a vicious circle. Los Angeles needs to improve the way housing is built everywhere, especially for those who are being forced to move and forced to stay away from the communities where they live and work, whether by increasing housing subsidies or reducing barriers to building housing. The housing shortage hurts the environment, economy, health, and quality of life in Los Angeles.