The Goverment Analysis

In today’s society people disagree with the government all the time. That’s what the books I have read are about, how is the book Night, which is a dictatorship, is related to other books and plays like The Hunger Games and Medea, both of which are dystopias, as well as democracies like a Midsummer nights dream and Julius Caesar. In all of these books the characters rebel against the government, in some way whether it be big or small.

I think that these books are a good representative of how in our world bad things always happen and we have to deal with these problems. Government has gone through some pretty Jurassic changes; it’s gone through all different types of government, going through everything from a dictatorship to a monarchy to a democracy. Throughout our years of having a formal type of government one type has proven the most efficient, democracy.

With a democracy you can love who you want to love without having to run into the woods with them like in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In The Hunger Games Katniss can only feel truly free when she is in the wood hunting. With a democracy one can feel free without having to run to the woods, whether it is for a few hours or for a few days. The comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream while it is very different is also very similar to Medea and Hunger Games even though A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a comedy it still has similarities with Medea and The Hunger Games.

In Medea, the plot is more about killing the ones you love for betraying you, the Hunger Games is about killing kids your age who you don’t know, in A Midsummer Night’s Dream they rebel against their government and run into the woods with the people they love, in The Hunger Games Katniss rebels against the capitol by threatening to eat the night lock berries and not letting the capitol have their “victor”, in Medea, Medea killed the king ,his daughter, another king , her father, and brother by doing this she went against the government first, by leaving her home with the fleece and second, by killing or being responsible for the death of all those people.

In all of these books or plays the people in them try to run away from their country or there government. When the United States were first formed we called our self a democracy when the “people” was land owning males. As technology has advanced so too has government advanced. I think that so far no one country has perfected their government but as we progress we will soon perfect our government.