The Geegiki Essay

Anne Frank was a girl with lots of expectations and she liked writing a lot before she went into hiding on her birthday her dad Otto frank bought her a book which Anne showed him in a window a few days before her birthday. She loved watching movies and wanted to become a actress but Jewish people were forbidden access to movie theatres from 8th January 1941 onwards. Picture of Anne frank Personal Information Name: Annelies Marie Frank Date of Birth: 12/6/1929 Age: 15 Place of Birth: Frankfurt am main, Weimar Germany Nationality: Dutch, German Insert a picture of the attic that Anne Frank was hiding in

Family Information Write about any family she had here. Her dad was Otto frank and her mum was Edith Frank-Hollander so as her elder sister was named Margot Frank and they all were liberal jews. ————————————————- Why Anne Frank is so important. Why they are famous Give a very short description of who Anne Frank is. Anne frank is a little girl who had high expectations and loved to write and wanted to be a actor The life of Anne Frank– The Holocaust In this section explain what the Holocaust was and why Anne Frank was persecuted by the Nazis.

Explain how Jewish people were persecuted. Holocaust is destruction or slaughter on a mass scale caused by fire or nuclear war. Anne \frank was persecuted by the Nazis because she was a Jew. Jews were persecuted because all the Nazis and Adolph Hitler were saying that the Jews was the weakness and the reason that Germany was loosing in world wars. How they became famous In this section write about how Anne Frank actually became famous. Anne Frank got famous because she had a good story in her diary and it showed everyone what was happening in the past so it was good for history.

The life of Anne Frank– The Attic In this section explain why Anne and her family hid in the attic and what life in the attic was like. Anne frank and her family in the attic because they were hiding from the Nazis so they don’t take them away and kill them and life in the attic for Anne and her family was not nice they didn’t like it but that was there only chance because if they were outside the Nazis would have took them. Add a picture of Anne Frank writing her diary here Add a sentence to describe what is happening in the picture. Its showing what Anne frank wrote. Death

Describe Anne Frank died and what affect that her death had on people. Anne Frank died in a camp called Bergen Belsen in early march because of drinking dirty water. Anne Franks death had a lot of effect on people because she is a big thing to history. Quotes In this box write down some interesting quotes of things said by Anne Frank. It could be to do with what they are famous for or it could just be funny or interesting things they have said. Despite everything I believe that people are really good at heart. Whoever is happy will make others happy too. I live in a crazy time.

Why they were important Explain why Anne Frank was so important. What did they do that was so memorable? Why do we remember them? Anne Frank was important because of her diary and she showed what happened in the war to Jewish people. Because of Anne franks diary she is memorable. We remember them to show that what happened to them was not good and shouldn’t happen to anyone. My Summary In this section, write down a brief summary of Anne Frank and what they did. Also write about what you think about your her. Do you think she was a good or a bad person? Why do you think that?

What were her good bits and her bad bits? What do you think was the most interesting thing about her? Do you like her? Why do you like/dislike her? Anne frank was a girl who was a Jew and lived whilst the World War 2 in Germany and she wrote a diary which was published by her dad and was a smashing hit. I think she is a imaginary girl and is worth a chat with. I think overall she was a good girl and was worth more I think that because of the way she wrote. She was imaginative that her good bit but she sometimes overreacted that was her bad bit. And I like her. I like her because she is imaginative.