The Engineering Solutions

The title of my article is PG Engineering Solutions Enters Solutions Enters Second Decade Of Project Management Innovations and was written by Alexander Lopez from The Caribbean Business Newsletter. PGES is owned by Carlos Pesquera which is the former secretary for the Department of Transportation. His accomplishments include the $2 billion dollar grant to improve water system and the construction of new roads. PG Engineering Solutions is expanding it company and bringing 47 jobs to Puerto Rico. PGES is a project management company that steps in and helps companies make sure that their building is built like they want it.

They also make sure the financial part or are involved in the bidding for a contractor for their clients. According to Lopez (2012), “A project owners is mostly interested in the construction’s final product, where as the owner will occupy the building, and make sure of it once it is complete”(p40). Pesquera stated “We found an opportunity to provide nontraditional engineering services in the industry”. The people are affected by this expansion because this will bring in 47 new jobs. PGES makes $4. 8 million dollars in revenue per year.

The company manages projects of all kinds no matter how long or hard the job may look. It cliental is a mixture of approximately 25% private and 75% government. Most of their work is done for Hospital Menonita system and the PathStone organization on a regular basis. According to Lopez(2012),”PG Engineering Enters Solutions is responsible for overseeing the budget, construction timeline, quality and coordination for the completion of the second phase of the PR-66 project, which extends the expressway between Canovanas to Rio Grande”(p. 41).

I think this article was good because it gave a lot of useful information about the company. The listed many companies that they have worked for and how they help them to enhance their company. Expanding his business he allowed for more jobs to enter his community. PGES will be able to work with more companies with this expansion and maybe even make their company larger because with more clients will increase the need for more employees. Resources Lopez, Alexander (2012, August 16). PG Engineering Solutions enters second decade of project management innovation. Caribbean Business, 40-41.