The Drug & Prisons

Men are not the only inmates using the drugs inside the gates, but women are as well sometimes using them more than men. "Women have been known in some prisons to have higher drug usage than the men simply because most were incarcerated for drug charges and prostitution charges to begin with. Many statistics show that prostitution also involves the use of drugs. Women who have diseases and become incarcerated have easier access to a drug treatment that sometimes helps control their drug habit they had before being incarcerated" (McShane & Williams, 1996).

Most of the inmates, who use drugs while serving a prison sentence, used them prior to getting in prison as well. But, there are still the inmates who only started to use to hide their fears of the prison setting, or to avoid what has really occurred in their lives. "Most drugs in prison are similar to or of better quality than those on the streets. Some inmates feel that if one is going to take the risk of bringing drugs in prison, they might as well bring in the best.

Inmates usually sell only to people they know, to decrease the chance of discovery. They typically keep a portion for themselves and sell the rest. " ( McShane & Williams, 1996). Even though there are dishonest workers among the prison cells, there are still the ones who do their jobs effectively and are not involved in the drug trades going on inside the cells. The workers and the inmates who are involved in these drug trades take every precaution not to get caught by the honest ones who will report them.

That is why the officers and the inmate's usually only sell to the ones they know are involved in the drugs, and are not going to report them to anyone. Two theories have been put together to try and understand the reason of why inmates use drugs while in prison. "The first theory is called "deprivation model", and it explains that once entering prison inmates are faced with major social and psychological problems so they use drugs to deal with the pain of being imprisoned.

The second model is "importation model", which explains the behavior of prisoners is not a direct function of the conditions of confinement, but one of pre-prison socialization and experience" (McShane and Williams, 1996). Inmates begin using drugs while in prison for the money and for the high. If they can find a way to make each day pass quicker, and not think about their faults in life they will take any measure to do so. Sometimes they even pay quadruple the amount for a drug in prison than they are on the streets but the inmates think it is worth it.

Visitors if inmates are known to be one of the largest reasons of why the drugs are getting in the doors to begin with. "Most drugs are brought in my visitors because they have easier access to the outside world and the newest ways to pass the drugs though prison securities" (Carrol, 1998). Visitors are known to bring drugs into the inmates in different ways. Usually the visitor is aware of the searches and the pat downs that go on before they can visit an inmate, therefore they make sure that the drugs they are bringing in will not be found.

"Some visitors pass drugs to an inmate by swallowing a balloon or condom filled with drugs and regurgitating it in the rest room" ("Drugs Getting into Prisons despite Interdiction Efforts", 2001). If the visitors swallow the drugs, they will not get caught because the drug will not be found. When visitors work in this type of manner it makes it a lot easier for them to get the drugs within the prison without being caught. Visitors bring the drugs in for different reasons such as it may be a profit for themselves, the inmate may be a loved one and they are doing it because they asked them to, or they may have even be threatened to do so.

"Inmates may try to force visitors to smuggle drugs into the prisons, using manipulation, threats, violence and blackmail" ("Drugs in Prison", 2005). The prisons are already aware that people may only be bringing drugs into these facilities by threats; therefore they have hotlines made to people to report this information about an inmate to them. If someone is caught bringing drugs into a prison, they will receive a prison sentence themselves because it is a felony to traffic drugs, let alone through a prison setting.