The Declaration of Independence: a Catalyst for Change

Rebellions have been numerous throughout the history of the United States; even before it became a nation that followed its own accord. However, not all rebellions tend to be violent; most likely the results that followed were. Initially, that was one chief characteristic of the American Declaration of Independence in 1776, wherein it was just a declaration of their separation from the British empire.

It can be considered as a rebellion within another rebellion, as it was declared a year after the American Revolutionary War began. Its purpose was basically to uphold their independence against a Tyrannous British empire. Thirteen colonies separated from British rule and supported the American Revolutionary War. What makes it so great was it gave the American Revolutionary War more fuel and reason to fight against the British armies that threaten their right to freedom and independence, which they aimed for.

It acted as an inspiration for the Americans to raise arms against the British, as more Americans were enlisted to send the British back into their homeland. The declaration of Independence marked the American people's permanent secession from the British empire. The thirteen colonies could not bear to stand the Tyranny brought about by the British monarchy upon their own soil.

In a statement within the declaration of Independence that was signed by the respective representatives of the thirteen colonies, they reveal their disgust to the Tyrannous hand that held them down upon their own soil: “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation” (Avalon Project 2008).

This was the opening statement of the declaration of Independence to explain the primary reason behind their declaration. They have desired independence from the Tyranny upheld by British rule on their soil. The presence of the revolutionary war was seen as an opportunity to declare their independence from the British empire, which somewhat inspired the Americans fighting in the revolution because of the presence of support from these thirteen former colonies of the British empire. Inspiration became one of the key factors to the success of the overall American Revolutionary War.

It filled the hearts of the American people to vouch and push for independence, talk about it, and then act upon it. However, inspiration was not enough to lead the Americans into victory. The thirteen colonies that declared independence from British rule became providers of manpower, ammunition, and other resources for the cause for the revolution. Hence, this declaration of Independence permitted the local governments to do what they see fit in order to win the overall independence as an American nation; by providing resources for the American revolutionary cause.

It was a risky move that sacrificed the lives of their people. However, it was done everything to support the revolutionary cause. The declaration of independence allowed freedom to the local governments, as they separated from British rule: “That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness… ” (Avalon Project 2008). The following statement may be pointed out against the British Monarchy, as they would rather prefer a democratic type of government.

With the Declaration of Independence, the Americans are now free to create their own government, as a unified nation in order to combat the threat of the British armies that would reconquer them. One success brought about by the declaration of independence was it paved the way for the establishment of a unified American nation and its own single government, choosing a leader capable to lead their nation. One more result brought about by the Declaration of Independence was its ability to give the American Revolutionary Forces a more direct cause to fight for. Initially it was just for Freedom.

However, freedom as a unified American nation seemed more appealing, as more aid will be coming from all the united thirteen colonies. Furthermore, it organized the Revolutionary forces, giving it more direction and more governance; not just simply a rebellion. The revolution started out as a rebellion. However, the Declaration of Independence added more fuel to the fire, as more Americans joined to assert the cause of the Revolutionary forces—Freedom. It created a revolution out of a small rebellion, as it further sparked the hearts of the Americans into providing help for the cause.

Another result brought about by this declaration is the recognition of an American nation by other nations, especially those who opposed the British Empire like France. Upon the declaration of Independence, the newly established American government and their fight against the British was recognized by France and provided aid for the revolutionary forces, since they were fighting for liberty. The newly established allies were successful in driving the British away from American soil.

The statue of liberty was established to commemorate this event, when both nations fought for liberty within their respective revolutions. The overall success of the revolution was mainly supported by the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence of 1776 can be considered as the most successful rebellions in American history. It supported the cause of the Revolution, which was freedom. It also provided inspiration for the Americans in the fight against the Tyranny of British rule. It also unified the American people under a single government and American nation.

It also provided an American identity to be recognized by other nations, including France which provided them aid and support for the revolutionary cause. Overall, the Declaration of Independence became a catalyst for a lot of events, which led to the success of the American Revolution. It built a nation even before the revolution ended, making it a successful rebellion.

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