The Data Protection Act

In some areas of the health and social care sector there have been problems of having to recruit, for example geriatrics, much of the work force is made up of non qualified, unmotivated and poorly trained workers who come from a low socio-economic background of poor education and ill health and low aspiration. These workers have been proven to show the greatest risk to vulnerable clients because of the workers low self-esteem and lack of any higher level moral thinking.

P5 There are numerous reasons as to why vulnerable adults may be abused or exploited, there are strategies that are used and put in practice to minimise risks of harm and abuse to vulnerable adults especially in care settings and aid them to understand they have a right to be safe, secure and away from harm. Investigations on reported allegations can only occur if information is passed on to relevant authorities such as police officers and social workers. But firstly after the vulnerable adult has disclosed to someone what has happened, information must be passed on to agencies and authorities, which then leaves the adult to be encouraged to talk about what has happened very sensitively but must not made to do so if they don't want to.

Short term support and long term support will be given to the adult who has suffered any types of indicators to abuse, whether it is short term or long term depends on the situation or action of abuse and the length it had occurred for. For example if a old women in a care home was pushed by his or her care worker who was actually at that time drunk, then they may need short term support but if a adult was repeatedly being threatened and pushed around by their drunken care worker, when they themselves are hardly capable of doing anything themselves through a period of time then they will need long term support.

Abuse is minimized by an individual knowing that there is someone out there who will be there to help them. If an adult is in need of support then that support must be readily available and practical at all times. Individuals who are pro active in a practical way and who provide the required support is the ones that they look out for the most as well as someone who would be able to understand them, help them and also listen to them. Due to this a adult will feel that they can put there trust into another individual, as they are confiding in and will begin to tell them everything of which the they can go and report to applicable authorities therefore action can be taken.

Legislations, policies and procedures protecting adults: All individuals who are working with adults in health and social care settings must be aware of the policies and procedures within their care sector, as it is crucial in all areas. Untrained individuals should not be asking any types of questions due to this going against any collected evidence also these those who have been removed from their family should be supported in varies ways possible.

Observing should be kept confidential and shouldn't be made obvious that a certain individual is observing there is a exception on those who have reason to need it for example social services, police officers, line manager and educational psychologists. Uniformed judgement should not be placed in records, as it must be clean facts and nothing else and this is very crucial. All records must be dated and signed because they may be used for evidence later on with the enquiries made.

Every health and social care setting policy has information on the code of confidentiality which is aimed to be followed. It is legal to inform information about a vulnerable adult to some individuals such as social workers, police officers etc. Whereas other individuals who do not actually have any reason what so ever to know confidentiality must be maintained at all times. The safety of that vulnerable adult may be put at risk and legal procedures will be ensued if certain information is passed on to others.

Due to the safety of the vulnerable adult who is being abused all of their records must be kept confidential.. Care workers may have regular inspections in the care setting just to make sure that all policies of the setting are in place. Procedures are put into safeguard for everyone who is involved in the situation. These procedures must be followed in the right way and promptly, this is crucial because if the end result isn't the desired one no one will be at blame.

All staff members or workers which are working in care setting with vulnerable adults must have read, understood and must be aware of all the setting policies. As this will safeguard the organisation and staff and make sure common practice is used in all situations which have been taken place in the care setting by different individuals. The Data Protection Act 1998 legislation suggests that all records must be stored safely and securely within all care settings with access to individuals who have a right to know such as the patient and his/her own records.