The circle of government

Since the beginning of civilization, much of existing empires were built and crushed again, and again. Even though Roman Empire was strong and stable, they have also perished along with others. One of the philosopher in Italy, Niccolo Machiavelli, started wondering why there are no empires that remained eternal. So he started to gather his thoughts and finally found six types of government. He realized that some people say there are three and that some say there are six. Machiavelli also states that out of the six types of government, three among them are bad and three are good.

He called it "The Circle of Government" because those six governments rotate in the period of time. Then he goes on to talk about how the government was formed. The first government is monarchy. At first the ruler was the strongest amongst a group of people. Afterwards they changed to looking for the wisest to rule. After that sovereignty was inherited through the sons of the ruler. However, the position of the ruler became being the selfish and stubborn instead of leading. Then he, Machiavelli, talks about people made to get rid of the ruler that he called "Revolution.

" After "Revolution," government became an "anarchy" and went back to monarchy form of the government. So simply, there is monarchy, tyrany, nobility, oligarchy, revolution, and anarchy form of government that he mentioned. Although he pointed out three good powers and bad powers, Machiavelli says that good powers are monarchy, nobility, and Revolution. These days "The Circle of Government" formed by Check and Balance Hong 3 does structure, Check and Balance, and make strong and powerful government.

According to Machiavelli, the three most common forms of government include the monarchy, nobility, and the democratic. Machiavelli argues that each of these three systems is naturally unstable, transitory, and easily made to fail through a cycle of degeneration and re- formation. Specifically, Machiavelli argue that the “monarchy becomes tyranny, aristocracy degenerates into oligarchy, and the popular government lapses readily into licentiousness. " But what if the three bad government forms are eliminated and the other three "good" forms protrude?

Most governments that are performing democracy, uses Check and Balance system because this system satisfies all three group of people; aristocracy, monarch, and nation. In present time, people call aristocracy to governor, and monarch to president; However most of their responsibilities are exactly same. There must be reasons to choose the government format, Check and Balance, that system of Machiavelli proposed is very stable and very easy to gather the whole level of people thought. So even China performing the communism but the some of city which is capital of economy( Guangdong, Jiangsu.. ) using the democracy system because they realized those system is very efficient to capitalism.

Second reason for Machiavelli's proposal to make a government strong, is the power of the three departments that check each other and balance it out. Each parts of the U. S. government is limited in their power, as limited by the Constitution. This ensures that no single government branch can overtake another when making policy decisions. And also each branch of the government has procedures to punish or restrict their members from acting in inappropriate manner. Those of power make strict and powerful branch of government, for example, the Presidential veto of a Congressional bill, the Congressional impeachment of the President, or the Judicial ruling of Congressional laws that violate the U. S. Constitution.

If the Hong 3 power of three branches started to head in the direction of bad forms of government, which is tyranny, oligarchy and anarchy, they work to fix each other. So this system make an equilibrium of power of the government and also equalize their powers to make a just society. This system, the Check and Balance, began since February 17, 1826 by James Madison. The Check and Balance is written by constitution and James Madison strongly suggested to put the Check and Balance on the constitution.

The Constitution attempted to limit the power of central government through complicated checks and balances. A key principle was separation of powers: those who make laws, enforce laws, and interpret laws should be substantially independent, and capable of limiting each other’s power. The two houses of Congress also provide a check on each other. The President can veto legislation, but he can also be overruled by a two-thirds majority in both houses. The judiciary can strike down laws that are considered to be unconstitutional.

Proposed amendments become parts of the Constitution when approved by two-thirds of Congress, and by legislatures in three-quarters of the states. However, this kind of thought was already found by Niccolo Machiavelli who was born in Florence, Italy. He was a diplomat for 14 years in Italy's Florentine Republic during the Medici family's exile. He was very outstanding and smart person since then. Also he succeed a lot of things such as wrote "The Prince" which is very memorable book in philosophers. He had certain credibility as philosopher and as well educated person. His journal which is "The Circle of Government" is very valuable like doctorate dissertation.

Some people argue with the fact that "Checks can delay decisions that have to be made quickly. " That is true in a sense because most of bills that are becoming a law takes one to two years. There are few of routines for a bill to become a law but it consumes some time for it to happen. So that would mean that between the time that a bill is in the phase to become a law, Hong 2 there are no regulations for violence and criminals. However, legislative branch tends to predict and foresees well on these behalves so there were typically no problem.

Also between that time, the three branches with the help of lawful citizens can gather their thoughts and carefully make decisions that would benefit them as a government and as individuals. Overall, the Check and Balance was an ideal and a working method. Still, as "The Circle of Governments" mentioned that "All governments are defective, even the three good ones. "

Maybe there are no perfect system of government, but the Check and Balance system may be the most prominent way to rule the country because as we've seen over the century, United States' government system was very stable while remaining strong, and also became one of most powerful countries in the world.

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