The Child and the Law

Children, especially the youth, are at danger in our midst and society. These dangers shape the thinking of the youth in our society and expose them to getting involved with brushes with the law. How do we respond to these dangers? How should we understand the youth at risk? I believe that youth who get involved with the law are not inherently at fault, as to say that they are the core of the problem. As the paper, brings out, there are many factors that are enmeshed in the problem of youth such as exposure to violence at an early age, such as bullying, arguing (OJJDP, 2004, p.5), which is usually followed by the onset of physical fighting (OJJDP, 2004, p. 5).

I say not inherently at fault because they did not want to start out this way, but was molded by the factors around them at home, school, or in other social venues that they are exposed to. Though I believe in interventions by local, private and public institutions, the ultimate shield of children against children from ever being victims of the malaise is to have a strong foundation at home.

The first barrier to insulating a child to deal with these varying factors is to build within the child a strong base for him or her to be able to confront the issues that will crop up as the child grows. A consistent and continuous flow and stream of lessons from proper upbringing of the child will serve the child, parent and society as a whole from the possibility of the child form ever growing up to be a liability and dreg upon society.

I always would believe that any preventive measure is far better than any curative recourse for this issue, and that is what should be focused on more by society.


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