The Charity Commission

Barnardo's is committed to providing equality of opportunity for the children, young people, families and carers with whom they all work. They value and respect their diversity and any differences that they hold amongst each other. Barnardo's welcomes differences between all staff and volunteers. In accordance with the Basis and Values, Barnardo's is working to create equal access to opportunities for paid employment and voluntary involvement while continuing to base such selection and promotion solely on ability to meet the requirements of the post.

This is regardless of race, colour, ethnic or national origins, religion, disability, gender, sexuality, age, marital status, responsibility for dependants, economic status or any political values that they may hold. Barnardo's is committed to taking active steps to address and eliminate unfair or unlawful discrimination or prejudice where these are identified in the organisation's procedures or practices. They work with and towards such aims and values to ensure that all children have the same opportunities and that they are not recognised for any differences that they may hold. Funding

It takes a total of  93 million a year to keep Barnardo's up and running. This covers all of the work that Barnardo's does and work towards across the whole of the UK. It takes a total of 262,088 to run Barnardo's for a day. Barnardo's' receives about  65 million every year from local authorities for working in partnership with them to provide services within that particular area. This often includes short-term break care for disabled children and for fostering and adoption services. Barnardo's raises approximately  67 million each year through fundraising and a lot of retail activity.

Barnardo's runs a lot of events that raises money and works with schools closely to provide them with the services that they need. Barnardo's also generates a further 10 million through a vast range of investments and sales, as well as the development of properties. Barnardo's raises an average of 215 a day through the gifts and accessories that they sell in their shops worldwide. Barnardos' spends a lot of money helping individual children. However, the cost of helping one child or young person depends largely upon how Barnardo's is helping them.

Barnardo's works with children for both long and short periods and it is this that largely depends upon the amount of money that is spent. The average cost of helping an individual person for about a year is about i?? 2,300. An entire campaign costs Barnardo's as an average of i?? 1. 2 million. This is therefore less than 1% annual turnover and is therefore a fraction compared to similar organisations advertising activities. Their budget was stretched considerably as a result of the reduction of costs throughout the development of each campaign.

Influences upon the Government The Charities Commission and legislation relating to charities prohibit Barnardo's from being political. This therefore means that Barnardo's does not support one political party over another. Barnardo's works with all Members of Parliament and all political parties in order to make them more aware of key issues impacting upon all children and young people. Barnardo's works with Members of Parliament to advise them and to help them fully understand the key issues, which are the key issues in the eyes of the children and young people today.

Barnardo's goes to all of the political party conferences to speak to Members of Parliament and to write to them on a regular basis to inform them of current issues and trends. All National Standards within each local area of childcare are set down and outlined by the Government and Barnardo's also has its own set of care standards, which enhance further points. Barnardo's staff also work to their own code of practice that they call their basis and values. These are integrated into every aspect of their work and influence the way in which they work with the Government.

It has be known for Barnardo's to encourage a Member of Parliament to sponsor an Early Day Motion about an issue that other Members of Parliament can sign. Linda Perham MP recently sponsored an Early Day Motion about the National Policing Plan. The reason being that Barnardo's felt that it does not do enough to help children that have been abused through prostitution. 227 Members of Parliament signed this Early Day Motion and this therefore meant that Barnardo's was able to take such support from the Government to set up meetings and to work towards changing the current plan.

Barnardo's has recently started campaigning through e-mail. This is done by Barnardo's asking all supporters to e-mail their local Member of Parliament about an issue that they feel strongly about. The idea of this is to ensure that Member of Parliament are aware of the issues that are of concern today and so that Barnardo's can closely work alongside the Government. They want to be able to work with different levels of Government to over-come issues of concern and to improve the lives of children and young people today.

Barnardo's wants to be able to improve the future for children and young people today and to give each and every child and young person the best possible start in life. They aim to work with the Government in such ways to be able to work towards and to achieve this. Barnardo's has a group of 19 trustees in total, who help Barnardo's to run the organisation and to check that what they are doing is right for the organisation and in respect to government guidelines.

Such volunteers comprise of individuals with a lot of different experiences of running organisations, working in the voluntary sector and working with children and young people. These individuals ensure that large decisions made about the organisation are made by a body of people rather than one single individual. Also, Barnardo's and all other charities in England and Wales are subject to external inspection by the Charity Commission. The Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action and the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations perform the same roles in the rest of the UK.

Such statutory organisations regulate charities. They seek to ensure that charities operate within a framework that enables them to work effectively and efficiently for the purposes for which they were set up to. Each year they monitor all charities with an income of over 10,000 a year and these charities including Barnardo's are legally obliged to send all their annual accounts and a report of their activities. This encourages good management, makes charities open and accountable and allows Barnardo's to oversee their activities.