The California Government and its Constitution

When the shift began, a Republican-dominated state from the early ’50s to the late ’80s. Various counties had shared both the Democratic label and the Republican label. Whereas, the electorate had power starting from the Democrat in the early ’40s to ’50s to the early ’50s to the ’80s dominated by the republicans. Since then, the heavy influx of Latino and Asian immigrants had gone back to a state. The differences between the Californian constitution is how the fundamentals can be added to the California constitution. Where the other difference, includes California having the initiative process that had helped create these changes for the California constitution to occur.

The California government and its constitution cannot violate any of the fundamental rights that are outlined in the US constitution. For what California aids, adds various protections rather than the Federal constitution. Finding loopholes and getting around the rules that are drawbacks details a constitution that varies due to too many rules and regulates. The drawback to having a simple constitution and finding ways around are not clearly defined by the direct democracy. Mechanisms too can be included in the state of California’s constitution. Which three are initiatives, referendum, and recall. Included for the reason of democracy allowing people to vote and make changes to the Californian constitution in place. The Federal government does not have this process due to how many initiatives would be submitted.

The U.S. constitution is what everyone abides by and has an amendment process. The procedural model of democracy is reflected by emphasizing participation universally. Also with equality and majority rule. Stating constitutions are supposed to be fundamental documents. Outlining basic enduring principles. The U.S. Constitution should be difficult to amend because it overlooks the individuals in the entire nation. The goal of proposition 13, stopping the ad valorem tax on the private property was a success due to the before proposition 13 agencies independently establishing the rates of tax where no limitations sought to achieve a limit that could be set on the tax and how the property owners estimate the amount of future property tax. The problem with Prop 13 is the value of the property that is residential and commercial is reassessed when sold. The fix measures call for split tax roll requiring the commercial and industrial property to be reassessed regularly and taxed accordingly at the full value.

The direct-democratic procedures, ballot initiatives give individuals a chance to get involved in government to make a change. Before the Great Depression and even during, no real government was as far as helping the people. The roles have changed completely. Now states have policies and programs in place to help people to avoid past problems. The types of Federalism like Dual Federalism would say that both the state government and the national government are both equally powerful. The government today still has many features of older acts still in effect today from social security that was created to food distribution and healthcare. The ones that are still in favor are social security and healthcare. The biggest one that has changed most recently was by the Obama administration as he created the Affordable Care Act.

There are still places that are solidly Republican, and those would be the more rural areas of California, and that has more or less always been the case. The more populated areas generate a lot of votes to outweigh that, however. The differences in scope and detail between the constitutions reflect the different roles of state versus federal government because all states are allowed to expand on the rights in the constitution and provide more of them. They are allowed to expand as much as they want within their jurisdiction. The direct democracy mechanisms provided in the current California constitution let the people of California directly vote on proposed issues and enact them into policy. There are included there because those the made the California constitution were concerned with big business interests, and wanted the people to have more of a say in how the government was run for example the majoritarian model of democracy at work. This is unlike the US constitution where the framers were concerned that the majority would try to take away the minority’s rights, so they avoided direct democracy as much as possible for example of the pluralist model of democracy at work. To amend the US constitution, it takes two-thirds of Congress and three-fourths of the states. To amend the California State Constitution, all that’s required is a ballot initiative.

The ease of amendment is a good counterbalance to that, and a way to make sure the California State Constitution is every bit as “living and breathing” as the US Constitution is. The goal was to provide tax relief for California citizens as property values were increasing extremely fast, and it was wildly successful because tax relief is something that everyone wants. The main problem with Prop 13 is that it cut off significant cash flow to schools. The proposition described the Chronicle as an antidote would allow commercial and industrial properties to be reassessed and taxed at current value. Direct democratic procedures are a good idea because they let the people decide on the laws they really want and what’s best for them. A good idea to leave the majority of lawmaking to elected legislatures because usually regular people aren’t the most qualified to be making laws. During the Great Depression and onward, the federal government took a much larger role in the wellbeing of its citizens. The New Deal and Johnson’s Great Society greatly increased the degree to which the US could be considered a “welfare” state. State’s roles have changed accordingly, power has been taken away from them.

Overall, the country has moved towards more of a dual federalism standard when power is taken away from the states and towards a cooperative federalism standard when power is given back. Today’s government still has a lot of the policies from the New Deal and Great Society, but they may have been rolled by slightly by the Reagan era. Medicare and social security are still “in favor” and direct “welfare” programs aren’t as much. An example of that would be when Aid to Families with Dependent Children was changed to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, which devolved more power to the states and put on more requirements. healthcare definitely needs to be revisited. Currently, the Affordable Care Act puts on an insurance mandate that’s supposed to help lower costs, but it’s not enough. There should be a single-payer healthcare system which most other developed nations have right now. Our state has been dominated by both sides of the political parties for many years with being Republican-dominated a couple and then Democratic dominated as well. In elections most of the time the runners of the campaigns know which state has more voters leaned to Republicans or Democrats which they treasure has helped them win the election in that particular state. Some states that are more so in the middle that is where it is hard to determine what their outcome will be but usually for California since the late 90s to present time has been Democratic as the majority vote. California State Constitution is able to be changed rather ‘easy’ compared to the US Constitution. The US Constitution goes through these huge processes that have to go through all the branches and have a legit reason for the Constitution to be changed or have something added. While the State Constitution of California is not so strict in the sense that they are able to add laws and policy because they are covering only the state of California not the whole country like the US Constitution does. As mentioned, the California State Constitution is made specifically for the citizens living in California or visiting to follow to ensure the safety of the people. Just as in other states that many go to visit or live at they have rules for their state that might be rather different from where you originally are from. US Constitution as to protect every citizen in the country at all times making sure that everyone knows their rights and is not being taken away from them. California may allow certain items to be legal in their state however if any person from the federal government is approached by that item they are still able to arrest you as it is against the federal law overshadowing the States laws. It is better to have a Constitution that is both vague and specific because we do not want to limit the power that is being established and we also do not want to control it either.. With the amendment we have freedom of speech and we already know that it includes press, voice, etc. It is pretty vague but does not limit certain aspects of speech. It also does not give so much power in letting people riot and such because of it.

Direct democratic procedures are good to have because it allows more say from the people to cause some change or bring justice to areas they seize it needs and the officials are lacking their attention to those problems. There is also more influence through the people in the ability to making laws since they are the majority of the time created by the officials. The roles have changed drastically because as a country we have learned through the hardships of the Great Depression and it’s great influence its had on our country because of that occurrence we are very lucky not to have gone through such an economic fall as the Great Depression.