The California Correctional plan

After I left the rally about the governor's budget plan, I was upset that the decreases from our community college were going towards the California Correctional plan to build a death row facility at Facility at San Quentin. I came home from school and complained to everyone I seen. I started to write my extra credit assignment and went to get the amounts and percents for the proposal off the internet. I could not find very much about the CCF plan or the math and science class reductions.

To my surprise, I find myself thinking completely opposite from what I was thinking during and after the rally. I came to this transition because I read into it a little more and printed off some papers. In my opinion, the proposed "California Budget Project" may be in my best interest. Here are a few reasons why that I found on the official state of California web site. It states that financial will increase from these deductions of other programs and increases to taxes and student fees. This is a good thing for me.

I get a PELL Grant, which is not listed on the "California Budget Project" but, really soon I will be eligible for a Cal Grant C when I enroll in the Vet Tech Program. So do I disagree with this proposal? No, I do not mind an increase in free money. I also get help for books, transportation costs, educational plan help, and day care if I needed it. The "California Budget Project" will not affect these services. Last year was a different story. I am new to this program and came in as a self-initiated person I think it makes a difference but I am not sure of all the details why.

So do I disagree with the proposal? No, I do not because it does not affect me here either. I am sure if they are increasing the Cal Grant that my PELL Grant could not decrease very much. If for some reason the "CBP" affects my living finances then of course I will be very upset. As it stands 100% + goes towards my rent. I depend on my financial aid and Cal Works to get me by a little at a time. My bills are usually 3-4 months late but I pay them soon as I get my grant. I would not be able to complete my goal of becoming a Vet Tech if it decreases my budget!

I thought of getting a job. I went on a few interviews but honestly if I were to work and go to school because of the "CBP" chopping up the grants and aides. I couldn't get a job because I would have to work at least 80 hours just to pay my rent at minimum wage I still would have no money for gas, bills, repairs, school clothing for my daughter, shampoo, toilet paper, dish soap and things like that. I do not believe I could find a minimum wage job that gives you 40 hours a week and goes around my school/day care schedule.

In addition, if they could not afford my books and gas then how could they afford my daycare costs? I do not have one anyway because they cannot pass the fingerprint approval guide because of immigration or past criminal background (long time ago). It is a bit of a catch 22 if you ask me. This is where it comes to a turning of the dial because I do not believe in building a new CCF especially for death row inmates. I fully do not believe in taking away from anybody to cover those costs. No one can help with this issue other than taking the time with at risk juveniles and or adults.

They seize money cars and houses. They can take it out of the county that did not catch these jerks before they got their selves to death row maybe. How could they think taking it from our states future is going to help their crisis any? Death row to me means sentenced to death row that is supposed to mean DEATH the last time I checked. I understand about appeals and delays of all sorts but to anticipate that we will have that many people just waiting around a cell to die to have to build a brand new facility is just absurd.

I believe in rehabilitation the anticipation that we can as a federal organization to a community of people could help for one. It costs nearly $30,000 a year per inmate. I do not even have 30,000 coming in. We have about 300,000 people incarcerated in California on an average. 94% male and 6% female and out of the 300,000 people only 16% are parole violators. California spends roughly 9 Billion dollars on this. I do not know if you have ever visited the California Department of Corrections website but when they talk about the services, they offer they might as well compare it to a man telling a blind and deaf dog to fetch.

These services are not even good enough for the amount it takes to house all of these inmates, there should be no reason why there is no help with finding and helping establish jobs, a new living situation, programs, and incentives. In all counties, Northern California has the biggest parolee population. If you were to break it down by county Yuba/Sutter Counties, have the highest percentage of the 22,000 or so paroled to Northern California. I have a lot of history in this subject. I am a product of a criminal lifestyle.

I seen it all my life and took a leap at the life of crime. There was really no one there to help me once I started to downhill slope. When I was fourteen years old, I went to a group home. It cost the county $12,000 for me to go to the group home for nine months. I was going there because I needed counseling the judge and probation had thought. This was part of my court order, since I was a ward of the court I had to go. The group home had no counseling, bought me nothing (not worth an eighth of that), I returned to Juvenile Hall with more issues than I had left having.

I was pregnant also! Nine months after this I had my daughter and I got off probation two years early without completing any forms of my probation. So do I want to put money into building a new prison? No, I really am against that. Do I want to higher the salary of prison guards? No, a 30% increase in 5 years is a lot for this occupation. I hope that I have presented a side that some people do not really think about and can influence the Governors proposal to change somewhat.