The 2nd Amendment

As a member of the NRA, I am very passionate and an advocate of the 2nd Amendment. I stand firmly against the 2nd Amendment being repealed. I believe in the 2nd Amendment because American citizens have a Constitutional right to own guns, having the right to bear arms protects my family and my property, and abolishing the 2nd Amendment would infringe on individual freedom. By having the right to bear arms I have a better way of protecting my family from being broken into by an intruder. Statistics have shown that the crime rate stays down in areas where people can own and carry guns.

Just look at these statistics in places with high crime rates that started implementing the concealed carry permits. In 1999 Michigan’s violent crime rate was 4,324. 8 per 100,000 people the first year of widespread licensing Michigan’s rate dropped to 4,109. 9. The statistics show that it helps to have the Concealed Carry Law. Guns have saved more lives than they have taken. The statistics show how much they help because the criminal will second guess whether or not to attack someone because he or she has no idea if the intended victim are carrying a gun or not.

Americans have the Constitutional right to carry guns. The 2nd Amendment has been in place since 1791. There should be no comparison between responsible gun owners and criminals we should not be held accountable for all gun crimes. The gun didn’t commit the crime it was just the tool used to commit it. People that want to carry a firearm should go through a 2 week educational course on safety and usage of firearms. I also believe there should be a more extensive background check on people who want to own a gun.

The 2nd Amendment shouldn’t be messed with because it would infringe on our American liberty. I believe it says a lot if our founding forefathers wrote the right to bear arms only 2nd to free speech. If the government changes the 2nd Amendment what’s to stop the American government from extracting the other Amendments. The 2nd Amendment is about preserving our freedom and giving us the right to defend ourselves from danger foreign and domestic. The 2nd Amendment isn’t about carrying a gun for fun, it is about the feeling of having personal security.

As a concealed permits weapon holder, I have the right and need to protect myself and family that is near me from any danger. The 2nd Amendment has been part of this nation for so many centuries. Why do we need to change it? It would be like changing what America was built on our Freedom to protect ourselves and the innocent from crimes committed on us. Our Constitutional Laws should not affect the responsible Americans from protecting ourselves it should stay so we have the security we need.