Terrorism: United Nations and Armored Car

This essay, will discuss terrorism, this issue is one of the biggest issues facing the world today. This essay will talk about the effects this have around the countries it happen. What cause this, what it me or start the terrorism. In this essay will start discussion about the causes of Terrorism; it happens in the worker class were the leader or director, oppress them and make the workers revel against they that oppress them. The worker class will be passient to see if this change, but sometimes they keep oppressing them so they tired of their leader oppress them they revel and make a big group call it is call terrorism.

This normally happens on undeveloped countries or no developed countries. In the developed counties there doesn’t happens this because there is no oppression so this never happens or start. Terrorism is affects nearly every undeveloped country in the world. We will discuss effects. One of the main effects is the killing of people they (the terrorist) always take prisoners because they know they can trade them for gold or , other thing they need or want, like to leave them alone, bring some transport (normally helicopters or an armored car so they can escape. Every time they don’t get what they want they start killing people.

They just say like in 10 minutes if you don’t bring us what we want we will start killing people for every minute we want. So the police that is around normally gave them what they want the terrorist killing innocent people that was in the wrong place at the wrong moment. Also this makes a big effect in other countries around the country it happen. When a country has terrorism makes the country develops slowly because more presidents or important people are not thinking for improving the country just to solve the problem. The way for stopping terrorism or to try not to make people start it, is easy just don’t treat the employees like slaves.

One of the ways of stopping terrorism is to try to give them what they need in terms of treatment. When the act of terrorism start the only way to stop it is to kill the terrorist because they will never want to give up, it’s a feeling that make them keep doing bad things. Conclusion: From my point of view, it is a bad issue but it can be stop or not started. It affects countries like Colombia, and it have come since all years. The terrorism happens in big scales and small scales. And is normally the same and created by the same reason.