Terrorism as a Serious Issue in Tunisia

Terrorism has left Tunisia, especially it’s capital Tunis in a state of horror, the recent twin suicide bombers and our president in critical condition have he people moving towards the polls while their lives are at stake. Tunisia’s transition from autocratic dictatorship to democracy has proved to be in favour of the country and thus is completely against extrajudicial killings, reducing it to a zero in 2011.

This step forward has also greatly reduced the number of political dissidents in the country to almost zero. The historic announcement by our prime minister, Mohamed Ghannouchi, that “all Tunisian dissidents would be freed, once-outlawed political parties would be legalised and the media allowed total freedom of information”, promised total freedom of information in the country and laid a foundation in Tunisia allowing it to flourish.

Terrorism is a serious issue in Tunisia at the moment, causing its decline in tourism which is a big source of income for the country. Although the situation regarding terrorism is worsening Tunisia makes sure to take effective legislative and judicial means against the suspects of terrorism and will continue to do so in order safeguard human rights of its citizens

To combat these issues which infringe upon human rights, the delegate would like to propose the following solutions:

  1. To carry out active propaganda for counter-terrorism but also ensure it specifically includes the right to a fair trial to all the suspects of terrorism
  2. The government must prohibit the use of torture or inhumane and degrading forms of torture as it impacts the right to a fair trial
  3. The government must condemn extrajudicial killings, demonstrating it’s total opposition to it and ensure that the commission of extrajudicial execution is a criminal offence.
  4. Dependents of the victims of extrajudicial execution must receive proper financial compensation by the government.
  5. The delegate insists that all countries maintain the right to freedom of speech and press and calls on all countries to release their political prisoners allowing for “total freedom of information” in the country following the example of Tunisia.
  6. The delegate also welcomes the cooperation among all nations to encourage and intensify member nations efforts towards safeguarding human rights of their citizens and also ensuring to produce concrete results.