Teleshop. Brand management

After the exploratory and descriptive research methods that we did in this project which include: Interviews, Focus group, observations and surveys; we can obtain as conclusions that: * TELESHOP is a brand well known in the market m but unfortunately it has loose demand the

We are not saying that TELESHOP don’t sell any more but we think that if TELESHOP innovates more in the line of its products, they are going to have more Also people suggest more variety of stamps designs, also they think that a brand as Teleshop should not take over a single market which in this case would be children, and for this the best solution is to create new designs to attract attention of youth and adults. All people agree in paying an additional price if TELESHOP makes a change in its products.

They consider that a good product deserves a higher price. If Teleshop offer better quality, design and service, they will have more acceptation in the market, because the people are willing pay for a product that really is the best for them.

We can say as a conclusion that the most important factors at the moment of buying a t-shirt with a stamp is the quality and also the price, because the better the quality of the t-shirt, the people will be willing to pay more. they think that TELESHOP have to improve the customer service and innovate the designs of its stamps and the models of t-shirts All people agree in paying an additional price if TELESHOP makes a change in its products. They consider that a good product deserves a higher price.

Finally we got some suggestions for TELESHOP like making new designs of stamps and models of t-shirts; also they can give more variety of things in which the people can stamp for example caps and bags.

The publicity is another suggestion in order to give information about the brand to the possible customers. If the brand do all these changes it could increase the demand in the market and have a better market positioning Here we see that the changes that most people would like to be made in the models of Teleshop shirts are implemented Polo shirts and V-neck shirts because if we observe the third most popular choice was just the union of these two model With this graph we can observe that both the men and women prefer the polo and the second election is v-neck.

The option that has the less score is the sleeveless s, the other options have been elected to a lesser extent. By this graph we can observe the preferences that have Teleshop’s potential customers, they have been selected that want Teleshop innovate their products, designs with custom stamp and new designs, these options have been selected and this also refers to the previous question because people think Teleshop does not have modern designs

According to surveys made we obtained the result that exist a significant difference between the number of persons that respondents that Teleshop have modern designs and those that think not, and the most chosen option was the NO.

By this graph we can consider that the majority of respondents think that prices offered by TELESHOP are very suitable according to the product that they offer, only a few people have replied that prices are not appropriate.

The results obtained by asking what they think about product quality Teleshop is that almost all respondents believe that the quality is GOOD, there is a minimal amount said they are BAD, we can conclude that Teleshop is good but even he lack a bit in order to become excellent As a result of our analysis we can say that Teleshop is well known in the market because the 76% of people interviewed know about it.

Finally , this graph show us that the less important factor for the people at the moment of buying the product it’s the location, 36% of the persons interviewed think that and this is reflect in the graph, The Quality is the factor with more importance for the people when they decide buying the product. A total of 43 people interviewed think that’s very important and 42 people interviewed think that’s important.

As a result of this analysis we can see in this chart that the Factor “Price” is indifferent for the persons at the moment of buy the product. According to this Frequency analysis we can obtain as a result that the majority of people interviewed think that the t-shirts with stamps have agood acceptance in the market for be exact the 89%.

With the results obtained we can say that no matter the place where they live, all chose that they wish obtain information about the TELESHOP’s new products by television advertising, the north sector chose as second option the Internet but the central sector prefer the billboards.