Tehran Yalta Conference

The Terhan Conference was held on November 28, 1943 and lasted till December The conference was held to discuss military strategies, plans for defeating Japan, and decisions about the postwar period. The conference was followed by the Yalta Conference. The three leaders met at Terhan, Iran and it was the first time all three met. The aim of the conference was to finalize the strategy plans for D-Day and the opening of the second Front. As the conference was coming to a close, the three leaders agreed that unconditional surrender would be the only option.

Stalin also tried to convince the other two to move the Poland border line. Other little issues were dealt with after the main issues. The three leaders agreeed to respect Iran’s government and support Turkey if they were attacked by Axis troops. “Yalta Conference”.

The Yalta Conference was held on February 4, and lasted till February 11, 1945. The three Allied leaders met near Yalta. The aim of this conference was to discuss the reorganization of Europe after the war. They agreed that, after the war, Germany would be split into four occupied zones. The leaders also discussed state of Poland. They came to an agreement that the communist goverment of Poland, supported by Stalin, would be reorganized. Stalin agreed three months after the defeat of Germany, that the Soviets would enter the Pacific War.

They also discussed that the defeated nations would be divded into occupation zones and put under the Allied control. The Germans would be paying some war reparations in the form of forced labor.