Technologies in Law Enforcement

After reading about the new technologies used in law enforcement I chose to do my research on street lighting and the pros and cons of having them. I will also be talking about the pros and cons of police officers having laptop computers in their squad cars, and where the idea came from.

I am sure people wonder why we even have street lights. Well we have street lights and where the idea came from. According to they say that “street lights deter criminal acts and vandalism.” They also state that “they increase social life by enhancing the night time environment.” So basically the reason why we have street lights is to keep and maintain safety in the community and to keep crimes from occurring. They are there to also help the public to walk around safely after sunset. They are also there for drivers who are driving at night. According to the disadvantages to having street lights are that those lights emit particles that are injurious to eyesight and human skin. According to Wikipedia the idea for street lights came from the city Antioch in the 4th century, then it went to the Arab empire in the 9th and 10th century, then it hit London, finally the U.S inventor Benjamin Franklin introduced them to the united sates. A quick recap of what was talked about. Some of the pros for having street light are to maintain safety in the communities and for drivers and people in the public to be safe, also to increase the social life of the population. Some of the disadvantages of having street lights is that they have an effect on human health. Finally I talked about the history of the street light and who came up with the idea of the street light.

Now why do police vehicles have laptop computers in their cars? According to, the advantages for laptops in police cars save time it allows police officers to do their reports but also slows down radio traffic and it is easier to retrieve the data that may be lost at the police station. They also limit the tips that police officers may have to make back and forth from the police station. According to the disadvantages of police vehicles having laptop computers are that they can invade privacy errors in their data base that could cause potential trouble for innocent people. According to disadvantage for squad cars having laptops is that it is a distraction for police officers because 14% of police crashes in Minnesota happened because those officers were distracted. Some things that are happening to decrease the distraction are to put a black out unit so those officers cannot use the computers while they are driving. According to that in the last three years of Albuquerque there were 290 police crashes that could have been prevented and 29 of those crashes were because of being distracted mainly due to police equipment mainly the laptop computers. The government chose to put the computers in the squad cars to help police officers with their reports and to help them to access vehicle records of the car they pull over. All- in- all the advantages of police vehicles having laptops is the time it saves them to get their reports done and it also saves them from making trips back to the police station. They also help them, to retrieve lost data. The disadvantages of having them in the vehicles are that it causes a distraction for the officers and it also leaves invasion of privacy open. The government chose to put them in the vehicles to help the officers with their work and to make it easier o access records.

Basically the advantages and disadvantages of street lights are to limit crime and increase the social life of citizens. On the down side they can be bad for human health. Squad cars having computers is an advantage so officers can get their reports done on the road and can help them access the stations records and vehicle records, but on the down side they are a potential distraction for officers and has caused police crashes. There is an up and a down side to why they have those technologies in all the purpose is to maintain safety in the public.