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Research and Markets; Global and China Tablet PC Industry Chain Report, 2010-2011 – Touch Screen &RAM Manufacturers the Biggest Beneficiaries from the Tablet PC Market Author: Anonymous Publication info: China Weekly News (Aug 9, 2011):

114. ProQuest document link Abstract: The passive components mainly include resistance, inductance, capacitance and crystal oscillators which are 100% SMDs: Links: Get it at Duke Full text: 2011 AUG 9 – ( — Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “Global and China Tablet PC Industry Chain Report, 2010-2011” report to their offering.

An overwhelming majority of tablet PCs can be regarded as large-version smart phones, with the hardware structure very similar to the smart phone. However, tablet PCs lag far behind high-and medium-end notebook in terms of performance, especially when it comes to document processing and gaming.

The tablet PC is composed of four categories of components: active components, passive components, functional components and structural components. The passive components mainly include resistance, inductance, capacitance and crystal oscillators which are 100% SMDs: CHIP-R, CHIP-L and MLCC. Among these, MLCC occupies a lion’s share of the cost, which is usually provided by Murata, TDK, Yageo and SEMCO.

The functional components comprise of LCD Panels, Touch Panels, batteries and cameras. It is often believed that Touch Panel is the most expensive, but this is not true. LCD Panels and Touch Panels are laminated together and cannot be put into use separately. TPK and Wintek also ship products in this way, so the prices of their products are relatively high. The LCD Panel of iPad 2 is priced at roughly USD35 while the Touch Panel amounts to approximately USD5055. It can be seen that the Touch Panel is expected to cut down on costs substantially.

The structural components consist of case, structure and PCB. Only a few manufacturers worldwide have the ability to produce light and thin tablet PC cases, including Foxconntech and Catcher, which meet the requirement of possessing over 8,000 sets of CNC machine tools, with huge investments and an entry threshold higher than that of GPU. Keywords: Asia. This article was prepared by China Weekly News editors from staff and other reports.

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