Synopsis : market study on apple inc. USA

In the changed business scenario where organizations are required to compete globally, benchmar KEks have become global, organizations survival and excellence requires not only meeting local but also global standards. Thus, aim of the companies is not just restricted to their survival but also generation of revenue and establish themselves distinctive from others as an international brand.

Apple is one of the leaders when it comes to Innovation in product design and customer satisfaction. Apple very well does it’s homework when it comes to product development and marketing strategies related to it. .

It has been said that one should strategize keeping in mind strategies adopted by its competitors and rivals, but in this case Apple is the one who enjoys advantage over others and is followed by its competitors in terms of products and positioning of their products in the minds of the target customers, this is because Apple leads the consumer electronics market not only by strategizing differently but also by the assortments of quality electronic gadgets it offers.

The marketing strategies are generally designed by the top level management and are formulated by the lower level management. The middle level communicates the strategies to the lower level managers to market their products. The marketing strategies are formulated with a view to convert potential customers into customers and existing consumers into loyal consumers which result in repurchase.


Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation which is the world leader in consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. It was incorporated on January 3, 1977 by the name of Apple Computer, Inc. but changed its name to Apple Inc. in the year 2007. Apple was a dream of the man behind its success, and the legend himself – Steve Jobs.

Steve was later joined by Steve Wozniak and then Ronald Wayne who invested in the company. With over 350 retail outlets all over the world, Apple is headquartered at Cupertino, California, U.S The company is best-known for its hardware products especially Macintosh line of computers which was introduced way back in 1984 which revolutionrised the market of desktop computers, though it was bulky and had few flaws but it was the beginning of their rise and contributed to further innovations and re-inventions.

Till 1998, Apple had established itself as an emerging computer hardware manufacturer with many ups and downs as one may face but with the design team which was led by Jonathan Ive, it boosted Apple’s sale of its new All-in-one computer –

The iMac. Computers are still an important part of the product mix which is offered with the great line of products such as Ipods, Iphones and Ipads, but popularity these days are of music-related products such as its digital music player (iPod) and online music store(iTunes) and also the new captivative touch screen devices which includes all the Iphones and Ipads, etc. Apple’s desktop and laptop computers all of which feature its OS X operating system – include its Mac mini, iMac, and MacBook for the consumer and education markets, and more powerful Power Mac and MacBook Pro for high-end consumers and professionals involved in design and publishing.

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY* TO Learn about PRODUCT ofFERINGS OF Apple.* target customers fOR these products.* To see how effective are Apple’s promotional and positioning strategy. * To find out the Apple’s market share.* SWOT of Apple Inc.* To find out the level of Awareness about Apple products. * To find out the most preferred brand in the market.


Market segmentation strategy involves dividing the market into groups, where individuals have similar needs and wants for services and products. It could also be a segmentation of people on the basis of behavior, culture and economic status. Q) what is market segmentation?

Market segmentation is defined as, “Process of defining and sub-dividing a large homogenous market into clearly identifiable segments having similar needs, wants, or demand characteristics”

Apple communication strategy:Apple communication is sober, intriguing, simple, clear, minimalist and clever. And it has a style of its own. Both in the television ads, both in print ads, both in the online communications. Well, of course when the company have great products it is much easier to entice the costumers, but nevertheless doing it with style and cleverness is a very good point. It boosts sales, but enhances the brand value too. The Apple Brand Promotion:

Apple has a branding strategy that focuses on the emotions. The Apple brand personality is about lifestyle; imagination; liberty regained; innovation; passion; hopes, dreams and aspirations; and power-to-the-people through technology. The Apple brand personality is also about simplicity and the removal of complexity from people’s lives; people-driven product design; and about being a really humanistic company with a heartfelt connection with its customers.

Customer ExperienceThe huge promise of the Apple brand, of course presents Apple with an enormous challenge to live up to. The innovative, beautifully-designed, highly ergonomic, and technology-leading products which Apple delivers are not only designed to match the brand promise, but are fundamental to keeping it. Apple fully understands that all aspects of the customer experience are important and that all brand touch points must reinforce the Apple brand. Apple is expanding and improving its distribution capabilities by opening its own retail stores in key cities around the world in up-market, quality shopping venues.

Apple provides Apple Mac-expert retail floor staff staff to selected resellers’ stores (such as Australian department store David Jones); it has entered into strategic alliances with other companies to co-brand or distribute Apple’s products and services (for example, HP who was selling a co-branded form of iPod and pre-loading iTunes onto consumer PCs and laptops). Apple has also increased the accessibility of iPods through various resellers that do not currently carry Apple Macintosh systems (such as Harvey Norman), and has increased the reach of its online stores.

The very successful Apple retail stores give prospective customers direct experience of Apple’s brand values. Apple Store visitors experience a stimulating, no-pressure environment where they can discover more about the Apple family, try out the company’s products, and get practical help on Apple products at the shops’ Guru Bars. Apple retail staff are helpful, informative, and let their enthusiasm show without being brash or pushy.

8. What all Brand of Laptops Or Computers do you use?Apple’s Samsung Dell HP Lenovo MicrosoftOther ______5.Will you buy an Apple Computer/laptop other than you are currently using?YES (CONTINUE) NO (TERMINATE)When and how did you come to hear about Apple & it’s products?Advertisements News Word of mouth Seller Advice 9. Rank the following factors in the way that may/has affect your buying decision of an Apple Product? ( Rank 1 being most important) * Brand Name/Image-

* Features -* Quality -* Price-* Appearance-* Durability-* Ease of use-* After Sales Service -* Social Status -* Necessity –

10. Which two brands first come in your mind when you talk of consumerelectronic items?

11. What is your impression about the following on Apple’s products? | Fully Satisfied| Partially Satisfied| Unsatisfied| Quality of goods| | | |Price| | | |After Sales Service| | | |Performance| | | |

12. What additional features you require to become a prospective customer of Apple’s ? 13.Any Recommendations and Suggestions